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Mr Giggles captured the children’s attention and held it throughout the show”   “Mr Giggles is a true professional entertainer and it shows”.   “We were very impressed with the choice of games and competitions for all ages”.  “ Our five year old daughter has not stopped talking about Mr Giggles since”. J McPhilemy, Glasgow

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Imagine You throwing the best fun party
that everyone remembers?
Let's face it, there are a lot of children's entertainers out there but my approach makes it so easy for you and different.
I help parents find solutions to their entertainment problems.

 I find that the best way to find and keep customers is to offer you quality
party entertainment at an affordable price and then over-deliver.
That way, delighted mums, dads and children always want to come back for more. 

It is so easy when you have expert help
Mr Giggles is approved and certified by Disclosure Scotland giving you peace of mind
regarding my  integrity, professionalism and commitment to excellence.

You really can trust Mr Giggles to help you.

A lot more FUN than you could
ever imagine...WHY?

Mr Giggles the birthday party expert regularly takes phone calls from mums needing advice and assistance in planning their child’s birthday party.

For first time hosts the whole process can be very stressful.  However help is at hand.  With a wealth of experience gained from helping thousands of mums over twenty years in entertaining children Mr Giggles knows all too well what is in and what is out as far as children’s parties are concerned.

I have been sharing my knowledge and expertise with all my clients to help ease the pressure on mums and dads to help them arrange a truly fantastic birthday party.  I have the answer for you whether you are already planning your party or starting to think about holding a party.

On my site you will find everything from great birthday party games, a useful checklist on how to prepare your party, to advice on what is best for each age group together with help choosing the right character for your child whether it be a clown, pirate, magician and loads of other hints for a fantastic birthday party, wedding or simply a family fun get together.

Please check it out and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that may be concerning you so that together we can give your child their best party ever.

 Read This Before Booking Your Party

Why should you even listen to "Mr Giggles" advice about birthday parties?
Well, if you are looking for practical sound advice, then by all means, let Mr Giggles share his experience with you. This web site was constructed as a service for mums and dads planning birthday parties for their kids.   Check out "Birthday Party Tips" For many helpful tips on party planning.

What makes "Mr Giggles" different?
There are a great many children's entertainers out there and Mr Giggles may not necessarily be any better than any of them...but he sure is DIFFERENT!   His act, his show, his attitude is all geared to ensuring that your child’s birthday party is not only an enormous success but the best party that they have ever experienced anywhere anytime and that's guaranteed !!

It is Mr Giggles burning desire is to help you create childhood memories where YOUR CHILD IS MOST DEFINITELY THE STAR OF THE SHOW.   Each fun filled show last two hours of non stop excitement but memories last forever into adulthood, long, long after the show is ended.  You collect all the praise without any of the stress.

Everyone and every party is different and no one can be put in a box or categorised. THAT means you need someone to give you of their time, to listen, reflect and discuss those matters important to you.  Mr Giggles offers just that, which means value for money and a show that is just right for you and no-one else.

Mr Giggles is so confident that if you find an entertainer of his standard cheaper elsewhere then he’ll match that price.  This means that you cannot go wrong when booking Mr Giggles for you next party.

  Mr Giggles goes that extra mile to ensure the success of your party as my many references testify.  Seriously, have a check on the internet and you will be very lucky to find any children's entertainer other than Mr Giggles who believes in giving you total control and satisfaction.

How else is he different?
Mr Giggles will work for children as young as 3 and 4 year-olds.   This is no mean feat as other entertainers will tell you.  Performing my magic in dozens and dozens of nurseries, play schools, weddings and birthday parties has helped me to create a child friendly performance character and show that works wonders for the little ones.

Mums marvel at the way Mr Giggles quickly achieves his unique rapport with his young audiences that is unequalled in this area of children's entertainment. All children quickly relate to Mr Giggles which enhances their party experience.  There are no tears or children feeling unsure.  Happy mums and young children especially, relate to Mr Giggles the Clown who they liken to Mr Tumble of BBC Television fame or Pirate Pete and his adventures.

Many children’s birthday party entertainers and magicians find it difficult to engage and maintain the attention of young children.   Their attention span is too short they say.   NOT TRUE.   Witness how the very young can sit and watch a cartoon video or play their favourite activity for a long time.  It is true that some young children can be very disruptive either through tiredness, not feeling well or simply being over excited but a quiet word from mum and some time out very soon brings things back into equilibrium.

Mr Giggles works in harmony with parents.  Mr Giggles knows how to entertain children but you know your own child much better than any children’s entertainer can possibly do and between the two of us we organise a show exactly right for your child with you having complete control and direction at all times.  This alone very often makes the simple difference between an OK show and an unforgettable show.

  It is hard work entertaining the very young and it does require appealing to all their senses using music, a variety of effects, lots of colour, high energy and enthusiasm and Mr Giggles achieves this to the delight of children and adults alike.   Again look at my many references.   Many more are available upon request.

  Mr Giggles knows that young children want to be entertained and to have fun.   Parents want to build happy childhood memories.   That's what a wedding and birthday party is all about, right?   Check the references for reviews of Mr Giggles unique performance style.

  Oh and by the way, for that other "difficult" audience (the older children...9-15) Mr Giggles has created the perfect package for this age range.   It makes so much sense, especially with all the recent Harry Potter excitement to opt for either the Magician or Wizard character.

  As you may have guessed, Mr Giggles has no trouble with the "usual age" (ages 5-8).   After all if he can handle the tough stuff, everything else should be a piece of wedding or birthday cake, wouldn't you agree?   Bottom line, Mr Giggles understands that for different age groups, you need different performance styles.

A few more distinguishing characteristics about "Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete":
  I am one of the busiest children’s entertainers in Central Scotland
I specialise in Wedding and Birthday Party shows
My unique puppet friend steals the show with his hilarious antics
I can demonstrate the art of levitation by floating the birthday child !!!
My amazing magic also includes a "Disappearing" trick but I don’t do the magic the children do !

A Customer Service That Greatly Fulfills 
And Exceeds Your Every Expectation

Children grow up all too fast today and I believe that what we are doing together
is building childhood memories and not simply providing a fun filled party. 

Memories last forever, entertainment only lasts for as long as the show.

I hear You Say
I Want Mr Giggles to Come to My Child's Party
But Don't Know Which Character to Choose

Every child is different and I am very happy to help you choose what would be best
in your unique circumstances for both you and your child.  All it takes is one easy phone call.
I ask a couple of questions to identify your needs and then give you advice.
It really is that easy and quick.

And if you want a theme that is not shown.......again no problem.

Everything is possible.  I recently performed as a "bear" at a Teddy Bears Picnic.


Phone Now 0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete is based in Glasgow, Scotland

Mr Giggles Brings you Innovation

The Pirate Pete / Giggles Loyalty Deal

It’s something of a myth that agency websites can instantly find you all the best entertainers available.  Many of the better children’s entertainers, like myself don’t appear on these agency websites which helps me keep costs down and ensures you get my best possible deal when you visit my website.  

Also for those of you with more than one child, I’ve introduced a new Multi booking package which you won’t find on any agency website and can save you up to 20% off the price of the party for your second child and I’ll throw in free extras not available anywhere else.

Building a personal relationship by dealing direct

I know price is important, and dealing with you direct allows me to offer a party which is totally tailored to your individual needs, designed with you in mind, based on making your life easier helps ensure you have total piece of mind as well as providing the best birthday party entertainment at the lowest price possible without compromising on quality.  

More Benefits Using Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete

My relationship with you is really important to me and this is reflected in how I reward your loyalty. My loyalty programme, "Giggles Fun Deals", provides you with discounts and preferential access to a range of discounts, tips and advice that is simply not available elsewhere.

I often find my clients consider me for their other party needs such as christenings and weddings and recommend me to family and friends.
The more that you use me the more you save. 

My ‘recommend a friend’ scheme is perfect if you know someone who would like to become a client, so to help your friends and ensure your family and friends also benefit from the Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete deal join today.

saying I want to join Pirate Pete's "Join a Friend Scheme" and start enjoying all the benefits straight away.

For comprehensively tailored birthday party entertainment backed by a fully-integrated service there is really no need to shop around.

Remember You Always Have the Choice

"Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete" is regarded as one of the country’s freshest and most imaginative
entertaining exponents of children's magic and is famous for his fun packed
complete kids birthday party packages where the fun just goes on and on.

With over twenty years experience, booking Mr Giggles removes the risk
and worry you get when you book an inexperienced amateur.

"You are always assured of getting the very best!"

To avoid all stress and increase your fun.....Phone now
for your own unforgettable unique children's party experience
before someone else secures the date that you want.

 0141 886 2905  Mob: 07852726090
Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete is based in Glasgow, Scotland

For Your Safety

Approved and Certified by "Disclosure Scotland" to entertain Children
(including latest Vulnerable Groups Scotland Act 2007)

Member of PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Scheme

Methodology Statement Available

Health & Safety Policy Statement

Risk Assessment Report Available

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