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"I write on behalf of everyone at Malcolm Sargent House, Prestwick to thank you most sincerely for providing the entertainment on Thursday night's function.   Your tricks and lively sense of humour helped to make the evening a great success and the feedback from those attending has been first class.
Alex Lumsden, House Committee Member, Scotland

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Help is now at hand....

Every charity and school in Scotland constantly requires to raise additional money to meet shortfalls in funding and to buy those little luxuries. These events can be formal or casual to match the occasion. 

Informal family fun nights are always a good way to bring families together and to create more funds for your P.T.A  and also raise money for other worthwhile causes. I can supply you with a complete family night package that will keep the little ones amused as much as the parents.   Here is a typical family nights entertainment for all the family.

Disco Music
Fun Magic Show
Games & Competitions
Plate spinning
Balloon Modeling

Phone now for more information on a tailored entertainment program for your fund raising event.

 0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

 Here you will find the answers to many
of your questions

 Live entertainment can make the difference between an OK event and a great one!  For most people, arranging entertainment is a rare occurrence.  Here I aim to pass on a wealth of knowledge that should prove useful to you - even if you don't hire Mr Giggles!!! 

How can an entertainer help me?

Try to remember the last fete or charity event you attended.  Now try to remember what was there.  Not easy, right?  OK try this, if the event was outdoors do you remember what the weather was like?  Perhaps, perhaps not, unless it was a really beautiful day or it rained non stop.

Now here's an easy one: Did you have a great time?  Was the entertainment fantastic or was it all a big disappointment?

Most people, young and old, remember the entertainment more than anything else at a fete or charity event. Great entertainment has a tremendous emotional pull.  It leaves the most indelible memory.

Long after the memory of how the hall looked has faded from their minds, long after they've forgotten about the purchases they made or money they donated, they'll remember how they felt and hopefully translate these feelings into and how great a time they had being entertained by a professional entertainer who knows his craft.

How Early Should I Book?

As early as possible!  This varies based on the time of year and day of the week but 12 months prior to your date is definitely not too soon.  The busiest time for charity events is between August and May.  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are always popular event dates and Christmas is also hugely popular for company parties.  So please book early so as not to be disappointed.  

If you find an entertainer that you like, don't let him or her get away.  Good entertainers are not easy to find and they tend to get booked well in advance.  Nothing will disappoint you more than going through the whole process, setting your heart on someone and then waiting a month before the event to call and finding out they're already booked on the very day you had in mind.

It happens all too often but don't let it happen to you.  Once you've decided that you want an entertainer(s) and you have been recommended someone – it’s always better to go by a friend’s recommendation by the way - pick up the phone, check the availability and confirm your booking.   If he/she is not available on your first choice for a date perhaps a day or a week before or after your preferred date will be available.

How do I find the Right Entertainer?

As I say the best way is always word of mouth from friends who has organised similar types of events.  At least you know that the recommendation will be unbiased.  Also if you see an performer that you like approach him/her and ask for a card.  It makes us feel pleased knowing that we are appreciated!!  

If you've been to an event recently, ask the organisers how they found their entertainer.  If you are hiring a hall ask the hall keeper if he can recommend anyone who has performed there recently.

The internet is now a popular choice for many people, quick, cost effective, easy to use and simple.   For example, is viewed by many busy organisers looking for amazing quality magical entertainment.  Check for customer reviews and follow them up if necessary.

Alternatively, a reputable professional entertainment's agency should have a number of suitable clients on their books to recommend to you.  Explain what your requirements are and the agency should match an entertainer to your needs.  Just be careful though as an increasing number of "agency's" have recently started popping up all over the place especially now that the internet makes it so very easy. 

Moreover some entertainers who are struggling for work have started an agency side to gain more income.  Obviously they will sell themselves first if they can.  Mr Giggles believes this creates a conflict of interests situation which is not ethical and rarely in the client's best interests,

In addition please be aware that not all entertainers use an agent and the very best entertainers have their own very loyal following which keep them busy throughout the year and who also recommend “their” favourite entertainer to friends and family.

For example most of Mr Giggles work comes from personal recommendations or from people who have seen his performances. 

Entertainment Agencies also use Mr Giggles for corporate work especially where a client wants a number of different acts such as magicians, psychic entertainers, singers, bands, caricaturists, etc.  Good agents work with professional entertainers of all kinds.  They know the entertainers who are reliable and those who are not and will do their best to ensure that your event is memorable.  They can also be a one stop shop if you are wanting a variety of acts.

Booking through an agent can cost more than hiring direct as the agent has his expenses to cover on top of the acts costs but it is always best not to try and cut corners.  Cost should always be a secondary consideration.

It is more important to have the right act for your particular event.  There are a lot of amateur children's entertainers out there, some very good and some very bad.  Please, for your own sake, ensure that you always use professional entertainers.  You don't have a second chance.  If your event is a flop it's a flop. There is no turning the clock back.

Why Use Mr Giggles?

 You will avoid stress, save time and money by hiring Mr Giggles direct for your next charity or fundraising events.  Mr Giggles provides you with a Personal Service to meet your needs not my needs.

Your event is much too important to worry about whether your entertainer will deliver great entertainment, is reliable, will turn up on time, knows how to make everyone feel at ease, be dressed appropriately, and be co-operative and flexible to meet any last minute demands, etc.

Mr Giggles has a number of different “characters” to meet every occasion and  I also perform as myself when the occasion demands.

How do you really know if Mr Giggles has the necessary experience of entertaining at your kind of event?

When enlisting the help of Mr Giggles you are assured that I will not undertake the work if I feel that another entertainer is better suited to your event.

I stand to lose my reputation if you are not totally happy so I work harder to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Because I have been entertaining for over twelve years I have a lot of experience but I also recognise that there are a lot of other good entertainers who do some things differently to me and they may be better suited to your particular event.  

I will ask you questions and listen and understand exactly what it is you desire.  This helps me to give you the best entertainment to meet your needs or if I think that others are more suitable I will suggest another more appropriate act for you to consider.  

I am able to provide you with a selection of entertainers who come with my recommendation and who may be available on your date. These will be proven professionals that fit your needs and budget. If I do not personally know of anyone I can recommend a very good Entertainment Company who most certainly will have the entertainer you need.  NOTE:  Mr Giggles is not an agent nor do I receive any commission for making the recommendation.   I am simply being ethical.  Who knows, next time you could be looking for my particular style of amazing magical entertainment and because I am very good at what I do and also ethical you will want to hire me.

When Should I Entertain My Guests?

All the time - from the minute they arrive to the time they leave.  It is now common practice to entertain your guests throughout your event.  Although Mr Giggles is well known for his children’s entertainment he is also in demand, usually through agencies, for his adult performances as a close-up magician and psychic entertainer.  

He will greet your guests and visit them while they eat by visiting their tables one by one performing his amazing magical art with a touch of humour and an incredible amount of astonishment. 

How Much Will The Entertainment Cost?

Cost can vary quite considerably, partly due to the location and date of your party and of course to the popularity of the entertainer you wish to hire.  For this reason it is always wise to shop around but please don’t simply go for the cheapest act nor indeed decide upon the most costly on the basis that they cost a lot therefore they must be good!!!.  Choose your act carefully based upon their experience, approachability and knowledge of the what is right for your event.

It is important to ensure that your performer has the necessary experience and the “credentials” to prove it.  Live performances provide exceptional entertainment value and can be much more affordable then you might think especially if you have never hired anyone before.

Most entertainers and agents will provide a firm quote based upon your specific requirements. If you contact Mr Giggles he will offer you a fully inclusive quote by return with absolutely no obligation on your part.

Can I Request A Specific Code Of Dress For an Entertainer?

Of course you can.  For example, Mr Giggles has a range of appropriate attire for the various types of affairs at which he normally performs.  It should be made clear however what type of special attire you would like at your event.

If your request is not out of the ordinary there will not normally be any additional charge.  For example, it is reasonable to expect a magician to wear a formal dinner suit for a charity or corporate event.  However, if you request an unusual coloured tuxedo, costume or accessory to match your theme, you should expect to be charged extra for this request.

Do I Need to Provide a Power Supply?

It depends on the entertainer and the entertainment being provided.  Bands and musicians will normally need a safe, properly earthed power supply.  As well as utilising a normal electrical supply Mr Giggles can operate his equipment in the middle of a field without any need for an external power source but for extended performances of over an hour where he is using lights, music and full PA Systems then a safe, properly earthed and constant power supply is welcomed.  

Mr Giggles can discuss his requirements and provide advice as to what would be necessary for your particular circumstances.

How do I know if Mr Giggles is Reliable?

Mr Giggles knows that reliability is important.  That's why I spell out everything in writing to ensure that nothing is missed out and there are no misunderstandings. That’s why I ask for a contact telephone number for “on the day” in case I encounter road works, a car crash or even an unforeseen car breakdown.   

While I always leave ample time between events I likes to prepare for every eventuality.   If I am going to be delayed for any unforeseen event I will phone ahead to explain what is happening thereby ensuring that you are kept fully aware of everything and have no need for panic.  In the event of illness I will supply a fully professional replacement thus ensuring that you are never, ever let down.

I am very proud of my good reputation that I have established, and of the many clients who have gone on to become friends I have made over the years. I hope to have the opportunity to perform at your charity or fundraising event and to help make it an enormous success and a truly memorably occasion for everyone.

I hope that you have found these tips of assistance.

If you are unsure of what you require, I am happy to draw upon my experience
to offer inspiration, ideas and friendly unbiased advice.

Working together we can all help make this world a better place to live.

You have the choice.
So avoid the stress, increase the fun and 
  for your own unforgettable entertainment experience.

Remember you are in safe hands with Mr Giggles experience.

 0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

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