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Children's Birthday Party Entertainment Glasgow

Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete Amazing Kid's Entertainer

"The kids loved being involved.   Sarah who can sometimes shy away from being the centre of attraction was made to feel at ease and loved being Mr Giggles magical helper.   She and all the kids had a great time.   Money well spent"     Mrs L Brown, Glasgow, Scotland



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  Your Risk Free Child's Birthday Party Entertainer
Read here to learn why
 Mr Giggles is called the
 "Birthday Party Professional"

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Mr Giggles Mission Statement

"It is Mr Giggles burning desire is to help you create childhood memories where YOUR CHILD IS THE STAR.   Each amazing fun filled birthday party last two hours of non stop excitement but memories last forever, long, long after the show finishes, into adulthood.  As busy, loving parents you collect all the praise without experiencing any of the stress.

Children grow up all too fast today and I believe that what we are doing is building childhood memories and not simply providing a fun filled children's birthday party."

"In a Nutshell"

First and foremost Mr Giggles is an expert children's entertainer 

Busy parents receive childrenís entertainment that is different and stress free.

 I create maximum enjoyment and build happy childhood memories, which last a lifetime.

I work with parents to typically provide a unique blend of five shows rolled into one,
namely puppets, magic, games competitions and dancing.

My over twelve years experience as a children's birthday party entertainer
guarantees you a professional approach.

All of Mr Giggles children's birthday parties are underpinned by firm structures and techniques that bring out the best in children making it easy for them to smile, giggle, have fun and develop their imagination.   It is through his unique style that memories are made that last forever.

By employing techniques that allow children of all abilities to be spontaneous and instinctive help children release their innate sense of fun and comic drama.

Each Magical Kids Birthday Party, and the Mix and Mingle techniques have been imaginatively honed by listening to the needs of parents and childrenís organisations.   The birthday party shows are regularly updated and we believe that when entertaining children our skills have to be as diverse and unique as the childrenís own individual characters.

This, coupled with sensitivity, has been the hallmark of my birthday party show for kids which feature clowns, pirates, wizards and magician characters.

For a truly amazing, different Kids Birthday Party where YOUR CHILD IS THE STAR, invite me to your child's next celebration party.

Mr Giggles child-friendly appearance makes younger kids feel a lot more comfortable, eliminating the possibility of fearful tears and making lots more time for fun.

His magic show is delightful and each fun filled kids birthday party is aimed directly towards the age group of the children.
Unlike many magic parties, Mr Giggles likes to incorporate puppets, wonderful colourful props and a story into his performance. All of the children are involved all of the time both emotionally and physically.

Mr Giggles aim from the beginning has always been to provide children's entertainment aimed directly at the age group concerned and not simply to provide the same bog standard show for everyone.

Children of three and four years have different requirements to children of eight or nine so why do the same old routine.   Also some children are outgoing and confident, while others are a little hesitant and have not quite reached that stage in their development.  All of this requires a different approach to match the particular requirements of the party children.

In addition some children have special needs which if catered for increase the pleasure for everyone.

You want your child to feel special, important, and look good in front of his/her friends especially when they are the centre of attention.

It is this same sensitivity that parents appreciate  and what differentiates Mr Giggles birthday party entertainment from others.   Click here to read what parents say about Mr Giggles Birthday Parties.

 While no two birthday shows are exactly alike Mr Giggles wants your child to have a unique experience to remember.   Thatís why YOUR CHILD IS THE STAR and why there is a special spot where your child actually produces his very own birthday present in a most magical way which leaves their friends amazed that they could do such great magic.

And of course at the end of the show all the children receive a small gift to take home in their goody bags.

You want your child to have a fantastic kids birthday party full of giggles and for all the children to tell their parents what a great time they had at your son or daughterís party.   This is why time is taken when booking a birthday party to find out your requirements, not what suits me, the children's entertainer.


Memories last forever,
 entertainment lasts for as long as the show.

You have the choice.
So to avoid stress, increase your fun and enjoy the best fun party entertainment
possible at an affordable investment .....

   Phone now for your own unforgettable unique children's birthday party experience.

 0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

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