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People are a firms most important asset

But people want job satisfaction.

Team Building is essential in today's successful companies.

Do your staff avoid corporate "away days"?

Has your Team Building exercises had the opposite effect?

Do people make excuses not to attend?

Are your staff not motivated?

If the answer is yes to any of the above take comfort from knowing that you are not alone.
Many companies have experienced little or no benefit from costly team building exercises.
All to often team building exercises treat adults like children.

Believe me I've been there too !!!

Now you can change all that...

Here is what one professional trainer said
after a Training Session 

"Magicians have fascinated me all my life, and the opportunity to build performance elements into my business activities encouraged me to seek professional tuition.  Gordon has the unique ability to transfer his own enthusiasm onto the trainee and instill the confidence necessary to use the new skills.
The training is as individual as it can get.  The sessions and material are truly tailored to the trainee’s needs and the areas where he or she will want to apply magic. What is more, the ongoing support makes sure one is never feeling left out on a limb.  This is not a run-of-the-mill course but true coaching.  
In short: Highly recommended!"
 Peter Mueller, Cambridgeshire


In a sentence....
Team Building done properly can be fun and does motivate staff
Working alongside your events organiser Gordon hosts and enthusiastically presents an enjoyable unique fun team-building event where delegates become motivated learning exciting new skills including performing mind magic which they CAN use in everyday work situations.

Gordon delights his audience by teaching delegates easy to do but highly impressive magic effects that can be performed straight after the event has ended .  Miracles are taught using business cards and other every day objects all designed to give delegates the edge in business affairs.  

Delegates can be taught fast and effective memory techniques that magicians use to demonstrate how "minds" can be read.  Effective use of observation used by magicians can be taught to gain the competitive edge in presentations against competitors.   Fun logical problem solving, brainteasers and puzzles can be used to expand delegates minds.

Ladies can be taught how to read their and colleagues palms, to understand their feelings better and the ancient art of Tarot Reading can enlighten even the most cynical person.

To end off the day's fun a small show is performed by selected delegates aimed at creating a terrific atmosphere where all involved are rooting for their colleagues.

Having the right trainer adds an extra dimension to your team building day. With his gentle brand of unique humour and a wide experience in working with companies Gordon amazes, amuses, and forms relationships that create a lasting impression on all who see him.

Contact Gordon today to discuss how magic can be added to your team building event and watch your people respond in a positive way and importantly USE their new knowledge in the workplace.

 Watch delegates ....Learn what to say and when to say it to create maximum effect and transfer these skills to the workplace.   Learn the importance of timing, misdirection, performance attitude, bearing and demeanour and use these new skills in business.   Learn subtle yet fascinating tips which elevates a trick into a miracle and make people remember you. Learn subtle psychological techniques which every person should know.   Learn the secret of this powerful but little known one-two combination.  Learn the secret of how to approach people with confidence.  Learn how to make people want to see you again and again - essential for any sales person.   Learn the secrets of how to get people to like you. 

Invest today in Team Building that works and listen to your workforce thank you by increasing production.

Contact Gordon Dickson now
TEL: 0141 886 2905 or MOB: 07852726090

Magic is the ideal way to break the ice and bring people together in shared laughter and surprise.

 Good magic always catches people’s attention which then acts as a great conversation starter. 

“No way!”   “That’s not possible “   “Do that again.”   “How did you do that?”   

Be prepared to hear comments like this and more…..

For team building that guarantees to bring genuine benefits to your workforce phone now.....
TEL: 0141 886 2905 or MOB: 07852726090

You avoid pitfalls by engaging a professional team builder.

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