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 Why Hire a Professional Children’s Entertainer?

  “Everything was perfect”.   “The best show my son has been to – his words not mine.  PS Mine also”.   “After talking to the mothers and children they said it was the best party they had been to.   It also took all the stress from me and I was able to relax and watch my son enjoy his birthday.   The adults also enjoyed themselves”.  A Watson, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Scotland

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While there are a lot of good part time children's entertainers around there is also a lot of bad ones.  You are much safer hiring a professional full time entertainer who can also save you money by recommending the best venue for your party.

A professional children’s entertainer

Removes stress and increases enjoyment for everyone, even the adults.  For parents, birthday parties come once a year for their children.  Mr Giggles on the other hand is entertaining constantly, knows what’s in for children, knows what’s out and knows their humour.

Increases the safety of your guests by having all the necessary Scotland Disclosure Certification, Public Liabilitity Insurance cover etc and all of his electrical equipment will have been PAT Certified thereby ensuring not only your safety but also that of your guests.

Helps Fete organisers who can use his experience to discuss fresh ideas, be involved in mix and mingle, perform shows, make announcements and maintain control.

Means that you’ll encounter fewer problems and when you do meet difficulties you are not alone; you’ll have the solutions handed to you.

Increases everyone’s enjoyment. He  knows how to entertain children but you know your own child better than anyone else so working together makes sense to ensure the best birthday party ever.

Should be flexible and work with you to create a unique different experience for your child or event.

Show is constantly evolving and his enthusiasm should be clearly evident.  If you are not enthused when discussing your party or other event with your entertainer do not hire him/her, because the chances are your child will not be enthused either.


Children audiences are the most honest.  If they don’t like a show they will very quickly let you know.  For this reason listen to your child when arranging a party and take their views into account.  Good entertainers obtain the majority of their work through word of mouth so ask your child who he or she would like to entertain at their party.

But Where do you Start

Lots of positive comments indicate that your potential children's entertainer has broad appeal and is suitable and experienced to handle a wide range of events.  Don't be afraid to check out references and comments offered and please make sure that the references relate to the kind of event you are hosting eg wedding references if you are getting married, birthday party comments if you are hosting a birthday party.

Look for a children's entertainers who specialises in your kind of event especially if you are hosting a kid's birthday party or wedding entertainment.  Different performing situations require different skills, abilities and approach.  For example some entertainers perform from a stage while others are more interactive with their audiences.  Some react better to older/ younger children and what entertains your four year old won't necessary entertain your ten year old.  It takes experience to bridge the gap.

Different Types of Children Entertainers
Hiring entertainers can be a great idea but make sure that the entertainment is age appropriate.  For example, a magician might be too boring for kids under the age of seven years while a clown might not interest children older than eight years.

If you decide to hire a clown make sure the children are not afraid of clowns.  Mr Giggles is always happy to wear little or no make up, leaving a lot of skin exposed so that very young children, who potentially may be a little unsure will not be frightened.  Many young children liken Mr Giggles to Mr Tumble of CBeebies fame.

Don’t be afraid when hiring a clown to ask him/her not to wear any make up and to perform balloon animals, face paining and so on without being dressed as a clown. While most professional entertainers will be happy to accommodate your wishes this may not always be possible due to scheduling reasons.

Theme Parties

A great way to make your party swing is to hire an entertainer who specialises in theme parties.   Mr Giggles has a number of Characters to meet most children theme party requirements and contrary to some opinion a theme party need not cost you much more just a little creative planning.

Theme parties can make all the difference and not be any more expensive. Mr Giggles can offer suggestions to make your party different and therefore more memorable.

Mr Giggles is happy to assist harassed parents make the right choice to individualise your child’s party to ensure the best successful original birthday party ever – just ask – after all he is recognised  as the Birthday Party Specialist for a reason!!

The most important thing a professional children’s entertainer needs to know is the specific date & time of your event to check if he is available.  Have this information to hand plus any alternative dates and times that might be suitable in the event of your preferred entertainer being booked on the day of your original choice.

Very importantly please keep in mind that almost everyone wants an entertainer on a Saturday or Sunday between 2 PM and 4 PM.  By keeping your schedule flexible and booking early, you get better chances of finding a good entertainer.  

Please book your party event well in advance to ensure that you get the date and time you prefer.  If you phone on the week of your event, you most likely will not get an entertainer. 

Remember also that quality children’s entertainers have a loyal following and are often booked several months in advance.  You should book your event at least one month ahead and even longer at holiday times such as Christmas.

The good ones are always in demand and sometimes, especially at festive times, are booked from one year to the next so remember  to book your entertainer well in advance to avoid disappointment especially if your child has his/her heart set on a specific entertainer.

When calling a children’s entertainer, and you get his answering machine, please leave this information along with the type of event, the event location and of course your telephone number to call you back. You would be amazed at the number of people who forget to leave their number!!

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 Your Requirements
In addition to the date and time of your party a professional children’s entertainer needs to know how long you would wish him to entertain especially if you are looking for a price check. Most professional children’s entertainers entertain for between one hour and two hours if the event is a kids birthday party, this being the normal length of a birthday party.

It is rare for a professional entertainer to provide only a 30 minute birthday party appearance. This is because it takes time to prepare for your event.  For example many professional clowns take at least an hour just to "make-up" for the occasion and then another hour to prepare their show case and other necessities that are part of our business and this does not take into account travelling time.

It takes time to set up the show and time to travel to your event and also the reverse at the end of the show and of course time to remove the make-up etc. This can mean a 30 minute show taking up another three/four hours which has to be charged accordingly thus making a 30 minute slot quite expensive relatively speaking.  On the other hand it also makes a two hour show very good value.

Minimum Time Frame
Please note that some children’s entertainers have a minimum time frame that they perform. Please understand that the performer has a specific reason for requiring this amount of time. A professional entertainer wants to ensure that he gives you the best performance he can for you and your guests and for you to have the best experience possible. He needs time to accomplish all that he offers in his programme.

Some professional children’s entertainers may offer an hour show because they know what they offer can fit inside an hour, but a children’s entertainer who offers more, needs extra time to accomplish his task and for you to gain maximum fun.

Always try to find an entertainer who is flexible to your needs and who is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your entire satisfaction.

A professional entertainer has a wealth of knowledge on what makes a party great and is willing to share this with you to ensure your party is the best you and your guests have ever experienced.  After all it makes us look good when your guests rave about your party.  It would benefit to you to discover what your entertainer can offer and to decide with his help what show is the best for your specific circumstances.

Most children's entertainers’ charge a travel fee if your event will be held outside their particular performance area. This is to cover additional fuel costs, extra travelling time additional vehicle wear and tear as well as a variety of different reasons.

It is also useful to know where within the event location you would want the entertainer to perform. Some entertainers may require a minimum ceiling height if juggling is being performed.

For safety reasons it maybe preferable for the audience to be a specific distance from the performing area.

 Number of Guests
Some entertainers like to know the number of guests expected at an event so as to know how best to prepare for your event. This may include bringing sufficient “give-a-ways” to your event.

Moreover an entertainer’s pricing strategy may be dependent on the number of guests attending. While this does not apply to all professional entertainers it is as well to check this out as part of your party organising.  Remember to fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail!

Before you contact an entertainer, it is wise to have an idea of the budget you wish to spend on his services. You should also pay attention to the performer's experience level.

And please don't simply go with the cheapest performer as to a very large extent you only get what you pay for.  Likewise don’t go for an entertainer simply because he is expensive. You need to know a performer's experience and what he is offering you by way of entertainment compared to others.  Only then are you comparing like with like.

Also not all professional entertainers specialise in children's birthday parties like Mr Giggles, or provide magic, music, games, balloon modelling or face painting.

Please, please make sure that your entertainer can entertain the age group you have in mind and if it is a wide age group from say three years to ten years make sure that your professional entertainer knows this and has the necessary skills to cope.  Most importantly of all ask for references and make sure that they are recent.

Most professional children’s entertainers require a deposit when a show is booked.   The deposit is to hold that date for your event and not to accept any other bookings. If, for example, you don’t know whether to have the party at home or in a hall, you may want to send the entertainer a deposit to secure your date while you decide.   If you don't, you may lose the booking opportunity to another client.   It is also to protect the entertainer should he turn away another request for his services and you then decide not to proceed.

Most professional children’s entertainers will refund the deposit if the party has to be cancelled and sufficient time is given to the entertainer to secure another booking on the date of the cancelled booking. After all we do want to do your booking and also to obtain repeat bookings so we are eager to assist if at all possible but we also have bills to pay and families to feed.

  About Children’s Entertainers
Good Experienced Professional children’s entertainers are not easy to come by.

We are NOT all the same, nor do we all perform the same effects, or perform at the same experience level or at the same types of events.  Indeed not everyone specialises in children's birthday parties and family events like Mr Giggles.

We all have different talents and expertise that we offer. Ask yourself.  "Does the entertainer have extensive experience in the type of event I'm trying to organise?"

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Ask for references for your kind of event and follow them through. Having an unbiased opinion is invaluable.  Here is what one client said about Mr Giggles after her very successful Christening party: 

"Everyone at the party was very impressed with Mr Giggles’ performance”.
Compared to others,Mr Giggles show is the best, happy, physical, exciting, all round entertainment, fun”.   “When I first booked Mr Giggles I was not sure if most of the children would be too old, they proved me wrong and had a great time.   I was so glad I booked the show as it helped all the children to get to know each other.  The adults thought it was great how you gained their attention so quickly as they were very excited before you arrived” 
R Quinn, Renfrew

Strange as it may seem, does the entertainer like children? Children can spot a phoney straight away and not everyone who advertises that they entertain children do so for the right reasons.

Ask yourself would the entertainer put his heart and soul into ensuring the complete satisfaction of your guests or is his only goal to make money and offer your audience little in return?  Does the entertainer "Guarantee" your satisfaction? 

Very importantly, if your children’s entertainer has a lot of experience listen to what he has to say and let him help you plan your entertainment needs.

Entertaining children is very hard work to do properly.   It is not simply a matter of wearing silly clothes and doing silly things so, please do yourself a favour, and follow the guidelines here.

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 What about Uncle John you say...after all, all the kids love him!
Finally it is definitely NOT wise to ask someone who does the odd magic trick or to dress someone up as a clown or other kind of theme entertainer, rather than hiring a professional.  It might seem easier on your wallet at the time but it really isn't the best idea to take a chance for having a successful event!  

 You only have one opportunity. If your party is a flop it’s a flop.
Let's face it you cannot turn back the clock.
You don't get a second chance!

If you've hired the right children’s entertainer he will be sensitive to work with children and to entertain them in a safe atmosphere.   He’ll reassure any shy guest who is a little unsure and guide him or her to relax, have fun and interact with others.

Professional Children Entertainers are trained to make fun of themselves and not the children. We are also trained to handle guests who are a little shy and perhaps nervous about parties or even frightened about clowns or other costumed characters.

As nice as he may be Uncle John will not have the experience behind him to look and act
in a proper professional manner.

When you hire a professional children’s entertainer you are paying for their time, their expertise and the enormity of fun they bring to your event!  This will ensure a happy fun event for all.

 If you have read this far then you are serious about your child's party event so  please arm yourself with these tips when you are looking for an entertainer for your next very special event.
This will make the whole process a lot easier for you and your entertainer.

NOW READ THIS...............

"We first heard of Pirate Pete when our son came home from a party begging for Pirate Pete to come to his party.  When calling to book Pirate Pete everything was clearly explained, even the silly questions you forget to ask are all answered in a letter.

I don't think that we could have wished for the party to be any better than it was, everyone, young and old really enjoyed it.  I couldn't believe it when you got my 11 year old cousin to join in wiggling his fingers as he's at the stage when it's not "cool" to act silly!!  Pirate Pete is far better than any children's acts I've seen.  Most other shows tend to be the same old show but with a different entertainer. 

I think that everybody should book Pirate Pete or one of his other characters.  It's the best way to enjoy a stress free party that everyone, young and old will enjoy and remember. L Coyle, Port Glasgow, Scotland

Even if you are not in Scotland where Mr Giggles entertains he is happy to assist you with any questions you may have to ensure the success of your event.
Mr Giggles wishes to raise the standards of children’s entertainers and to ensure that children everywhere have happy childhood memories.   Children are our future.   Let’s all take care of them.   As parents we have a responsibility towards our children.
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 For your protection Mr Giggles the Clown has Public Liability Insurance of £10,000,000.

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