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Do you want to become an expert close up magician?
Do you want to learn expert coin magic?
Do you want to learn expert card magic?
Do you want to Learn sleight of hand magic with everyday objects you carry in your pocket?

Do you want to learn how to entertain children?
To know what magic props to buy and what not to waste your money on.
To know what children find funny.
How to keep their attention – even very young children?

Do you want to influence people in business?
Do you want to liven your business presentations?
Stand out from the crowd?
Make people remember your presentation?
Be different and successful?
Hand over your business card in a way people will remember?

Do you want to expand your circle of friends?
Do you want to entertain, amuse and mystify people with magic?

Or are you looking for a new hobby or career?
and wanting to earn money and have fun doing magic on a part time or full time basis?

whatever your reason contact Gordon today and ask for your free magic consultation.

Learn how to become a complete close-up magic entertainer.   Learn what to say and when to say it to create maximum effect.   Learn easy step by step guidance covering all aspects of close up magic including what to buy and what not to buy. Learn the importance of timing, misdirection, performance attitude, bearing and demeanour.   Learn subtle yet fascinating tips which elevates a magic trick into a miracle. Learn subtle psychological techniques which leave your audiences gasping at your amazing illusions.   Learn the secret of this powerful but little known one-two magic combination.  Learn the secret of how to approach people.  Learn how to make people want to see your magic.   Learn the secrets of how to get applause.  Learn how to create the right conditions for people to want to approach you.   Learn what separates the entertaining magician from the others.  Learn what your magic style is.   This alone will ensure that you do what suits your personality and thereby makes learning magic more natural, fun and easy.

Quality magic is not difficult to learn.
Ask any Professional working Magician and he will will tell you that it is often the simplest of effects that entertain.
Good magic is so easy once you know how.

Invest today in personal magic tuition and benefit now from learning quickly the
basic sleights of hand.

Gordon now
TEL: 0141 886 2905
Mobile: 07852726090
or e-mail

My course reveals everything to you and is completely guaranteed.

Save money.   Ask any magician if he has a pile of effects that he never uses and he will answer a definite YES It is a fact that many experienced as well as inexperienced magicians buy more effects than they care to remember after being totally mystified by the trick only to leave it lying in a drawer unused. Is there anything wrong with the trick.   No......
   It just didn’t fit their personality.

Personal Magic tuition will quickly help you identify your “magic” personality.   Personal tuition
will give you much more than simply expert knowledge of handling cards and coins etc but will quickly guide you to benefit from knowing what to look for when buying magic tricks which will
actually  save you money.

Training is available NOW

Included is the valuable knowledge and shortcuts you need to know to become able to earn a living
 at performing as a close-up magician and also as a magical children’s entertainer.

...whatever your motivation contact Gordon today on 0141 886 2905
07852726090 and ask for your free consultation.

Magic is the ideal way to break the ice and bring people together in shared laughter and surprise.

 Whether you are a teacher, in business, working or retired, want to entertain your friends or just interested in magic you can present your exiting magic to individuals or small groups to relax, have fun and enjoy your magic.

 Good magic always catches people’s attention which then acts as a great conversation starter. 

“No way!”
“Do that again”
“That’s not possible“
“How did you do that?”   

Be prepared to hear comments like this and more…..

"Discover the Secrets"
to Performing MAGIC in Restaurants and
Turn your Passion for Magic into
"Big Time Income!"

Lessons are now available as a complete magic course or can be paid per session. 
  Book the Full Learning Course of six magic sessions now and receive
TWO free additional Magic sessions "absolutely free".

Magic Lessons Developed by a
"Professional Magician"
with real world experience to help make
"Your Learning Magic Simple and Easy"

Unlike some magic tutors who only teach how to do tricks, the tuition you receive also covers amazing magic performing techniques including presentation skills, performing tips, getting work as a magician and much more and in fact your tuition is tailored exactly to your needs.

By the end of each exiting magic course you will have learned the knowledge to put on a stress free magical presentation like a professional magician regardless of your existing knowledge.

Each exciting magic course covers the basic sleights necessary to be a successful magician and thereafter is tailored to meet the particular interests of clients.

This personal service is unrivalled and ensures learning magic is easy, quick and FUN.

   Magic tuition takes place within easy commuting of Glasgow, Paisley and surrounding areas.

Private magic tuition is extremely worthwhile and can save hours, days, months and even years
 of hard grind trying to learn magic from ill-advised books and videos.

You can’t buy experience but you can buy knowledge!

Contact Gordon now
Direct Line: 0141 886 2905
Mobile: 07852726090

My Personal Guarantee and Promise to You

Learning magic from a good book is a great way to learn magic but added together with personal help and experience is invaluable.

I guarantee that my magic course will accelerate your knowledge and learning of magic and that by the end of the course you will know how to do easy, but mystifying magic, to perform professionally as a close up magician or children’s entertainer and most importantly learn how to avoid the mistakes most amateur magicians make.


You will gain the skills necessary to pass the entrance exam to join a Magic Club.


Here is what one happy student said:

"Magicians have fascinated me all my life, and the opportunity to build performance elements into my business activities encouraged me to seek professional tuition.  Gordon has the unique ability to transfer his own enthusiasm onto the trainee and instill the confidence necessary to use the new skills.
The training is as individual as it can get.  The sessions and material are truly tailored to the trainee’s needs and the areas where he or she will want to apply magic. What is more, the ongoing support makes sure one is never feeling left out on a limb.  This is not a run-of-the-mill course but true coaching.  
In short: Highly recommended!"

 Peter Mueller, Cambridgeshire

Another student said

"Having just finished my first successful fringe show at the Edinburgh Fringe I felt the need to say a huge thank you to Gordon.

 I came to Gordon in April looking for some tips to help liven up my magic act but Gordon was taken by surprise as it turned out I didn't really have a proper show.

 With his help and guidance I had a show together which did very well at the fringe and
I owe the lot to Gordon."

 Calum Fleming, Edinburgh

After only one lesson here is what one student said

"I have always enjoyed magic, tricks and performing since I was a boy.  However I never really pursued it.  A week ago I looked into doing something different and decided to take up magic lessons.  Gordon Dickson looked like the perfect mentor for the job.  His price and conditions are fair.  And he can teach you in a matter of weeks, what others would in a year.  

Its not just magic and tricks but how to best present yourself when exercising them.  I have just experienced my first lesson and I am exited about next week already.  I have no second thoughts about this course and would recommend the full course to anyone and everyone interested.  I shall use my new skills to my theatre advantage, but most importantly to annoy my mum.
Many thanks  Gordon"

Mattea Ferrini, Edinburgh

Yet another student said

"From a young age I have had an interest in magic, but I have never followed it up. That is until last year when for my birthday (25th) my girlfriend suggested I get some lessons.

When looking on the internet I found Gordon’s site which offered lessons, and because of its look of professionalism I thought I’d give it a go. (And I'm so glad I did).  Having talked on the phone and by email, Gordon enquired what sort of magic I might be interested in and began to plan a lesson schedule for me. Because of the distance I would have to travel we decided a 2 day extended course was best, covering cards, coins and close up magic.

The lessons were brilliant, everything was well explained and learning the shuffles, sleights and vanishes is so much easier face to face than learning them from books and DVD’s.  Gordon went at a nice pace, he was very patient and went back over anything I had trouble with.

 During the lessons I kept a note book on all the things we did and because I was there for 2 days I was able to practice at night in the hotel and go back over anything I was unsure of the next day.

Gordon showed me the core techniques of close up magic, which means I can use everyday objects rather than expensive gimmick items, so I can always produce a “miracle” no matter where I am or what situation.

 To sum up, the lessons were informative, easy to understand, value for money and very very enjoyable. Thanks"

 Matthew Paterson, Northampton

And there is more

"From a lifelong interest in watching magic my wife Amy considered it time for me to quit watching and start doing, so contacted Gordon to arrange lessons as a Christmas present. 

Not sure what to expect, and even a little nervous of failure, Gordon focused on my first love, card magic.  By the end of my first lesson I was confidently performing several impressive card tricks! The subsequent lessons begin to get a little more complicated, however Gordon's patience and fun, enthusiastic approach to teaching made it easy for me to follow and understand the performance and execution of each trick. 

The course runs at a good pace and Gordon always has the time to go over anything your are unsure of, he even makes himself available long after your course is finished with help and advice.  I found the course very very enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone wishing to further their interest in magic. 

A definite 10/10, thank you Gordon!"

Craig Sutherland, Penicuik, Midlothian

and more

"I’ve been doing magic now for 25 years starting from a basic card trick that my Dad showed me when I was about 15. This trick involved three rows of seven cards laid out in rows and the asked to” pick a card” and remember it. This was a self working card counting trick and from that day onwards I’ve been hooked.

I’m now 40,  and for a present for my birthday I receive a magic lesson with Gordon and I loved it. Yes I Know a wee bit about magic after all these years of performing to my long suffering friends and family and work colleagues.

I wouldn’t say I was a beginner and have performed at a friend’s wedding and a friend’s 40th birthday (F.O.C) of course “that’s why they used me I think” My problem is that I was trying to join the magic circle and have been going along to their meetings but kept putting of the inevitable magicians audition, I was scared about performing my type of magic with my type of humour to professional magicians BUT after only ONE session with Gordon I was on the phone to the President of the Edinburgh magic circle and set up my audition which is taking place on the 26th Jan.2009

Gordon’s  was excellent, He quickly sussed me out to see what style of learning I had,  and then  taught me accordingly. One aspect I particularly liked , and it made me chuckle was when he was showing me something with a story attached to the trick was how he immersed himself into the character in the story whether it was through his voice or through his body language.

Thanks Gordon.

 And as big Arnnie once or twice said--------------- I’LL BE BACK

P.S my learning style is a ACTIVIST.

Duncan Wilson, Edinburgh"

My comments:  Thanks for the kind words Duncan.  You were already a very good magician before you came to me. You are very entertaining and it was my pleasure to have met you.  I hope that I gave you some new insights into my kind of magic and new ways of looking at how to make your magic real for your audience !!!
 Keep up the good work.

and even more

"I would just like to say thanks very much for the wide variety of knowledge you have given me over the past few weeks. I never really thought about mentalism before but I,m glad you introduced me to it as I am starting to get more interesting in it than cards and coins.  Also I would have never got past the first few chapters of the Royal Road if it wasn't for you.

I'm now going to research all the different types of magic you have showed me to see which one suits me best so I can concentrate on that one.

You have been very helpful and thanks for the email service too :) 

Here's a testimonial for you to put on your web site. 

"Having wasted many hours trying to understand the outdated illustrations in magic books I had bought I decided I needed to get some personal tuition on magic.  I found Gordon after a quick Google search and contacted him for lessons.  I learned more in the first 2 hour lesson about cards than I had spending 2 months reading the Royal Road of Card Magic.

His teaching methods are great and he doesn't waste time if he thinks you have the hang of it or know the method already. Being able to contact Gordon at any time if I was having trouble with a trick was a great help also. 

In short I would rate Gordon 10/10 for both the teaching and value for money."

Thanks Again 

Craig Williamson, Edinburgh

and even more again

"Just a short note to say that after recently completing 8 x 1hour lessons I now feel fully armed to take on the world of magic.

I initially went to Gordon to learn some basic card tricks to show my grandson and nephews, however after a couple of weeks, not only was I performing card ticks to them, but also their Mums and Dads .

Gordon has a very relaxed manner , and this helps , especially in the initial period.

Not only is Gordon an excellent teacher of the mechanics of the trick to be performed, his hints and tips on what to say whilst performing the trick were really helpful.

Overall, I would highly recommend Gordon Dickson to anyone
wishing to learn more about the art of performing magic.

Laurie McCall, Prestwick

Many more recommendations are available on request...just ask me
Albert Einstein once said:
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious."

Contact Gordon now on
Direct Line: 0141 886 2905
Mobile: 07852726090



GUARANTEE   I am so confident that you'll be glad you took the first steps to your new and exiting magic hobby or career that I offer a back up service to ensure your enjoyment continues long after your course finishes.

Book the six session magic course, receive your two free advanced magic lessons and enjoy ongoing guidance and support for a further six months after the course ends.

Gordon Dickson


For magic teaching that will bring a lifetime of pleasure
and that will grow over the years phone
now to start
learning unforgettable magic of a lifetime.

 Direct Line: 0141 886 2905
Mobile: 07852726090

"You avoid pitfalls by engaging a professional magician and teacher"

Quality teaching is not expensive
it is priceless

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