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To preserve the secrets taught lessons are restricted to children 8 years old and above

Teachers what better Present for your Class

Learn fun, easy Magic that mystifies
from an Award Winning Professional Magician and Teacher

Learning magic tricks teaches children how to focus their minds and train their hands.
 It teaches patience, dexterity, co-ordination and determination.
Skills that are invaluable for a successful life.

One Educator who appreciates the benefits of learning magic  recently announced:-
Teach magic lessons in school, says professor

"Magic tricks boost confidence and self-discipline, says psychologist calling for lessons to be introduced to classrooms.  The trick to making primary school children more confident and sociable is to teach them magic, claims Professor Richard Wiseman, psychologist at the Open University."

Read the full Guardian Newspaper article here

Learning Magic is fun and educational
It builds confidence
It teaches presentational skills

Group Magic Lessons are available for your class

Invest today in tuition and benefit now from learning quickly the basics of becoming
a skilful and entertaining magician.

All of our magic teaching is underpinned by firm structures and techniques that bring out the best in our students making it easy for them to learn, have fun and develop their imagination. 

By employing techniques that allow children of all abilities to be spontaneous and instinctive help the children release their innate sense of fun and comic drama.    Each technique created by our magic teaching team have been imaginatively honed by listening to the needs of teachers and childrenís organisation.

We believe that when teaching children magic our skills have to be as diverse and unique as the childrenís own individual characters.

This, coupled with sensitivity, has always been the hallmark of our shows which feature wizards and magicians. By bringing this sensitivity to our magic teaching unleashes your children's own creativity.

Ask about our bespoke individual premier "magic" training where students take home the magic props they make during the day, the Master Magicians Folder full of instructions for the tricks they've learned (together with other magic tricks to learn at home) and graduates receive a personalised Certificate of Magic Competency.

At the end of the magic session students will have learned the skills necessary to pass the entrance test to join a Magic Club.

Included within the day is the opportunity for the class to show off their new skills within a professional magic show.

 Maximum of 30 children per class.   So book early 

Instruction is normally based in Glasgow, Scotland but classes can be arranged throughout Britain.
For further details phone

NEW FOR 2014
 Magic Lesson DVD

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You canít buy experience but you can buy knowledge!

Phone now for your unforgettable experience.

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: 07852726090

Magic is made easy and enjoyable when you insist upon a professional, experienced magician to guarantee to show your children how to be a skilled magic performer.

You avoid pitfalls and save money by engaging a professional magic teacher.


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