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Learn Easy Quality Amazing Magic
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Ask any Professional working Magician and he will will tell you
that it is often the simplest of effects that amaze.



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"Good magic is easy if you know how"

This unique quality magic lesson has been structured to allow you to learn, by simple, short, step by step, clear instructions all that is required for you to perform incredible magic quickly and easily.  The Magic Hands of Mystery Teaching DVD is intended primarily for those students of all ages with little or no previous experience and is structured to be easily learned at your own pace.

"Here is what you will learn."

Included in the Magic Hands of Mystery DVD are 8 different effects which you can perform in a matter of minutes when you know the secrets.

Of course I really hope that you don't rush out and show your new skills immediately to your friends and family because they deserve to be practised so that you can become a polished professional - and REMEMBER a good magician never, ever reveals his secrets.

Here are some actual clips from this quality
Magic DVD

Cups and Balls are a Classic of Magic

Card tricks that entertain

Card flourishes to make you look and feel like a pro


Now I know what you are thinking. 
"It sounds too good, and it will probably cost me a fortune" - am I right?

Everyone thinks that quality magic DVD's always cost a lot.
Because it is not like buying a film that you watch for enjoyment.   It is more than that.
 It is learning secrets for you to have fun again and again as you impress your friends.
You are buying knowledge which will last a lifetime.
Quality magic teaching DVD's are not expensive they are priceless.

OK I hear you say but

Because I want you to join my Personal Magic Course I am giving the LEARN MAGIC DVD away for
a very low £14.95 and I will pay first class postage and packaging.
Call it a loss leader if you like but either way you gain.
PLUS: I want to recover my production costs quickly.  Quality production DVD's do not come cheap and right now I am out of pocket.
PLUS: I am not yet geared up for slick internet selling so things are not as convenient for you as I would like.  To compensate you for this inconvenience the introductory price is my way of saying sorry.

Once I am up and running the price will rise,
no "if's" or "but's" from anyone.
Act now before the price rise.

So don't delay.
"Order now"
at absolutely no risk to you

 It's a relatively small and affordable investment for most people and just a fraction of the cost you'd pay to experience this high value material via our face-to-face workshops and personal coaching.

Indeed one magic guru I know told me that because the DVD is unique and because the content is so highly valuable and has been put together in a very easy to grasp and accessible format that I should charge a lot more for it. He also suggested that to convince people to pay a much higher price
I should add in lots of extra bonuses. 

OK I know that this is common practice these days, particularly online, but I've chosen not to do this.

Because quite frankly, if you need a bribe to buy this DVD then it suggests to me that you either don't see or don't understand the value of the techniques used and the impact they can have on your life, both business and personal.

If you simply take one or two ideas from the magic DVD (and though hopefully you'll take a lot more) then I know it will have been worth your modest investment and your time in viewing and practicing the moves shown. 

So when you order the DVD, that's what you get - a great Magic Learning DVD - and no endless list of "exclusive bonuses" supposedly worth thousands of dollars that you don't want or need.

Here's what You do

I do hope you are interested in learning and applying some of the easy techniques that the DVD contains to your daily life so that you can quickly reap the benefits.  If you are, buying your copy is quick and easy.

Click Here to Receive your DVD Now

"DVD's will be sent out the same day first class post"

Every product I sell is covered by my no quibble 100% money back guarantee.

My friends say I will be ripped of but I know that you will love the Learn Magic DVD.
You must.  And that is why I stand behind my products and services with a...

"100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

I always have, and I always will stand behind everything that I do.
 I put my money where my mouth is.  Always.

I know this Magic DVD is spectacular. The quality is top class, fantastic.  I teach the content all the time and know that it works.  Because of this, I'm offering you my "Personal Guarantee".

First, I guarantee that you'll love the magic lesson DVD and the amazing effects and ideas contained therein.  Just viewing the Magic DVD will delight you and when you learn the secrets you will want to perform the effects for your friends.  If not, tell me, and I'll gladly refund your money.

Yes I suppose some will abuse my trust... order it and then ask for a refund, but over the past 12 years of performing and offering refunds no-one has asked for a refund because my material is good. 

Look......bottom line I trust you, okay?

Second, and this is the best part, I want you to actually USE the magic  material you will learn.  I guarantee that you will want to show off your new magic skills and knowledge.

There's no point in learning great magic and then NOT using it.

Please......Don't bother ordering my Magic Teaching DVD unless you really want to impress folks, okay?

I am 100% totally confident that after viewing My Magic Learning DVD and practicing it just a little bit you'll be a mind-blowing success!

You'll freak people out.

You'll actually entertain people with magic!

And... with just a bit of experience, YOU can be doing and getting paid gigs just using a few props that fit into your pockets and the ability to thrill your audience with quality entertaining magic.

"Order Now"

Don't delay
You are 100% covered
if you are not totally satisfied.
Do it now while it's still on your mind.

All that I ask is that you practise for 30 days and if at the end of that time you are still not completely satisfied let me know, return the DVD in good condition and I shall refund your money.  No questions asked.

Like I say you are 100% covered by my guarantee (and how many other dealers/performers/suppliers are prepared to offer THAT?).

So..........go ahead and order now. You'll be glad you did.

"DVD's will be sent out the same day first class post"

Save yourself money
Invest today in your personal training Magic DVD and benefit now from learning
quality easy magic.
My price will rise when I have sorted out my internet buying process so don't delay.

Personal Magic DVD tuition in the comfort of your own home will quickly guide you to benefit from knowing what to look for when buying tricks.

Magic is the ideal way to break the ice and bring people together in shared laughter and surprise.

 Whether you are young or old, want to entertain your friends or just interested in magic you can present your exiting amazing magic to individuals or small groups to relax, have fun and enjoy your magic.

 Good magic always catches people’s attention which then acts as a great conversation starter. 

“No way!”
 “Do that again”
 “That’s not possible “
 “How did you do that?” 

Be prepared to hear comments like this and more…..

Need further information?
Phone me (Gordon Dickson) now on
0141 886 2905

GUARANTEE   I am so confident that you'll be glad you ordered your Magic Teaching DVD that I stand by my 100% no quibble money back guarantee.  Just try my techniques for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied I shall refund the price of your DVD.

With very kind regards,

Gordon Dickson

For learning that will bring you a lifetime of pleasure and that will grow over the years buy now to
start your unforgettable
experience of a lifetime.
Quality teaching is not expensive it is priceless

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