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Birthday Party Tips

The first thing to establish is whether you wish to have your party at home or in a hall.  Mr Giggles performs birthday parties around half the time in homes.  It boils down to personal choice and depends upon the number of children invited, the age of the children and the size of your home.

Regardless of whether your party is at home or an outside venue the following tips will help ensure a successful outcome.

     Tie a bunch of balloons to the front door to guide guests to the party and help create a party mood.

    Avoid party poppers and save squeakers and blowers until the end of the party to protect your ears and maintain your sanity - or they could ruin the fun!  Hang balloons up, out of reach or the more boisterous boys will take delight in bursting them to scare the girls.

    Take care with party hats as they can be uncomfortable and many children feel self conscious wearing them.

    Obtain a big cardboard box to put the birthday gifts safely away to be opened AFTER the party.   This ensures that nothing gets lost or broken.   Explain to the birthday child that the presents will only be opened after the party is finished.

    Seating children around a table for the meal is always advisable to contain the food and drink in one area.  Buffet meals on the floor also works well.   Put a plastic sheet or similar on the floor for the children to sit around.  Give the drinks out after the children have sat down with their food, to avoid them being knocked over.

    Please donít serve food, ice-cream or other refreshments once the magic show has begun - it's asking for trouble and most of the food will end up on your carpet and sticky fingers will be everywhere.

   Always hire your entertainer EARLY and send out your invitations EARLY in case another child is also planning their birthday celebrations the same day.  If another mum is planning their child's party on the same day it may result in YOU having to change your plans so get in first.

   Finally....forget about the washing up and join in the fun yourself!

   And the best tip of all.............if you want a Great Party, Hire Mr Giggles the Professional Birthday Party Entertainer

Hereís why.....Mr Giggles has a lot of knowledge about organising parties.  He knows what works what doesnít and he knows where savings can be made and where it is better not to skimp. Use my knowledge, be guided by me and not only will you have a great party but more importantly no worries or stress.  Always remember is the fun and laughter that a good professional childrenís party entertainer brings.  This is way above having the biggest venue or best food.

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