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Wanting a kids Pirates & Princesses Theme Birthday Party that's very different and great fun?
  Pirates and Princesses
Theme Birthday Party

Climb aboard me harties and hoist the Jolly Roger Flag
Pirate Pete is Admired by BBC Radio 4's Comedians
Fred MacAulay and Alan Carr 




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Setting New Standards
In Children's Party Entertainment

Click Here to hear Happy Parents Describe their Fun Party Experience

"The children were completely enthralled by Pirate Pete's antics.   The show was superb and completely different from anything my children have seen.  I feel the show was value for money and although it is slightly more expensive than other entertainers I have booked, the enthusiasm and professionalism was superb and well worth the money.

Pirate Pete captured the children's imagination and attention from the moment he entered the room and was still performing tricks for my son even when he was packing his car to go home.   28 Children and 10 adults had a fantastic day and this will be a birthday party they will remember for a very long time. It's just a pity I didn't know of you a few years ago!"
F Young, Larbert, Scotland

A Children's Entertainer like no other

Captain Jack Sparrow and
"The Pirates of the Caribbean"
have established pirate theme parties as
trendy kids birthday party of the year.

First and Foremost Pirate Pete Glasgow's Children's Entertainer
Specialises in Children's Party Entertainment for girls and boys
throughout Scotland in a hall, aboard a ship or your very own home.
Click here
 and find out why
 Pirate Pete is known as the
 "Birthday Party Professional"

Parents who want to give their kids, boys and girls, the best pirate party and avoid the strain come to Pirate Pete Children's Entertainer.  Set sail on the adventure of a lifetime!  Join Pirate Pete for a breath-taking buccaneering birthday party.   Step on board Pirate Pete's Magical Adventure for a swashbuckling spectacle which is simply live entertainment at its very best.

Smell the gunpowder and taste the rum as the 17th century comes to life in this rip roaring adventure of seafaring skulduggery as Pirate Pete takes the helm.

Whether your pirate birthday party is aboard The Tall Ship at Glasgow Harbour, a public hall or your own home Pirate Pete brings all the excitement and fun filled frolics of tales, magic, games, competitions, music, puppets from far away places of mystery.

When in harbour Pirate Pete finds his way to your party in search of a fresh crew to join him in a swashbuckling adventure pirates birthday party.  However be warned that any mutineers will be severely dealt with and any children left behind after the party has ended will be sold as slaves!

As a recommended Pirate children's entertainer aboard The Tall Ship Pirate Pete has had many magical adventures upon the tall seas especially when the children come dressed as pirates and mermaids.   Come along and experience the sounds and smells of a real pirates party aboard a real tall ship complete with Jolly Roger flag, pulley, mock yardarm and rigging for the children to climb upon and learn what life was really like at sea.

 For a pirate theme magic birthday party that is different...you will have difficulty in finding one which has so much action and comedy and is remembered for months afterwards.


Younger children love to dress as Peter Pan the young boy who was always able to fight and defeat the grown-up pirate captain Capt Hook and his villainous crew.   Girls of course love to dress as Tinkerbell the Fairy, mermaids and princesses.  Older children, boys and girls, very often prefer to dress as blood thirsty pirates!!

And of course there is a special spot where the birthday child actually produces their very own pirate birthday treasure in a most magical way which leaves their friends amazed that they could do such great magic.   At the end of the show all the children can receive a Special Pirate Pete Map to take home in their goody bags....just don't steal my treasure me harties or ye will walk the plank and be food for the sharks,


I heard this story recently and thought how relevant it was to hiring a children’s entertainer.

 “Farmer Jones walked into his barn to discover that mice had bitten into his sacks of corn. 
Lots of mice, it seemed as there was little corn left.  He had to do something about it and quick.

For 7 days and nights, he worked around the clock. Hammering and sawing he built a giant DIY Mousetrap.  It was the best that anyone could have envisaged.

 A lump of cheese.  Some tripwire.  A set of weights, pulleys and levers, released a cage that he had suspended from the roof.  When the cage fell, it set off an alarm.

He set the trap, and went to bed very happy.

During the next week, Jones caught a total of 3 mice.  Admittedly, he had no grain left because all the
other mice had managed to dodge his trap.  But still, 3 mice…that was something.

The next day, he filed for bankruptcy!!!

And just as he was signing the final document, writing off his business, he had a call from Farmer Giles.

It turned out, Giles a neighbouring farmer, had also been overrun with mice.

“What did you do about it?” asked Jones.

And Giles told him:  “I bought a cat” he said.”

And this is the moral of the story. 

"You don’t have to be an party expert…you just have to hire one!"

You see, thousands of mums make the same mistake with their party planning.

Instead of going straight to someone who can solve all their problems, they play around with impractical solutions and celebrate tiny victories.

 And they wonder why, despite all their efforts, their child’s party is just so, so rather than special.

Every year they make the same mistakes and never learn.

 You don’t need to cobble together a makeshift solution hoping and praying that everything will work out.

 You do need an expert partner. 

A reliable children’s entertainer who can do the work for you.

An experienced entertainer who specialises in Children’s birthday party entertainment.

 Like Farmer Giles’ cat, my job is to swoop in and take all your problem away!
And I’ll do that through my award-winning approach.  There’s nothing makeshift here.

I will ascertain your exact needs for your best possible successful children’s party
and carefully design a fun filled show to meet your child’s expectations.
I shall earn your trust so that when you are ready to book your next party entertainment
I shall be your go-to supplier because  no-one else offers what I offer.

Your guests will be giving you the credit for organising a great party with no stress,
while other mums – just like Farmer Jones - will be messing about with DIY makeshift ideas.

If you’d rather be a Giles than a Jones, feel free to call me.

It’s a no obligation discussion aimed to help you. 

I will explain how my party entertainment will adapt to meet the challenges of hosting your party.
So I’m making you a promise.  Give me a call and learn just how good your party can be.
You have nothing to lose and will gain a lot.

If you like what I offer, I can create bespoke party entertainment just for you – or you can take my ideas and hire someone else.

Either way, it means you don’t have to waste time building your own mousetrap!

 0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

"Your Party Benefits"

Your child is the STAR OF THE SHOW
Your child will thank you
You won’t get stressed

Pirate Pete takes all the strain in his stride
You enjoy the your party more knowing that your guests are all enjoying themselves
Pirate Pete knows children’s humour and what’s in and what’s out!
His colourful costume sets the tone of the party.
Children know that they are in for an extraordinary treat as he makes every single child feel
extra special no matter how many children there are at the party.
At school all your child’s friends will be talking about the great time they had.
Your child will thank you and….. 
You get all the praise from children and parents alike and most importantly of all
you get the opportunity to......


SO...RIGHT AWAY while you're thinking about it, pick up the phone and
CALL NOW for cost, availability and to enjoy your best Pirate birthday party experience ever
 0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

Together we can make your child's next birthday party
totally amazing, fun and unforgettable.

"In a Nutshell"

Pirate Pete works with busy parents, schools and nurseries who want children’s entertainment that is different and stress free by helping you create maximum enjoyment and building childhood memories, which will last a lifetime using a unique blend of five shows rolled into one, namely puppets, magic, games competitions and dancing.

Organising your party is easy and stress free using Pirate Pete's expertise.

You avoid risk when using a professional experienced entertainer.

Pirate Pete Children's Entertainer is in constant demand and performs many "repeat" parties for the same parents and schools year after year.  Many testimonials are available for your guidance.

With over twenty years experience as a professional entertainer
 Pirate Pete guarantees you a professional approach.

Pirate Pete creates and delivering high-performance entertainment with an obsession to always deliver a fast paced, energy driven show which is very different and right for your child.

  I achieve this thanks to constant innovation and creating solutions based on user feedback, together with a high commitment to always exceed your expectations.

  I attract thoughtful parents who expect, want, demand and deserve the best party fun.

"For Your Safety"

Approved and Certified by "Disclosure Scotland" to entertain Children
(including latest Vulnerable Groups Scotland Act 2007)

Member of PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Scheme

Methodology Statement

Health & Safety Policy Statement

Risk Assessment Report

Expert Friendly Help from the Expert
Pirate Pete
The Birthday Party Specialist
Find out why many parents just like you always insist upon Pirate Pete
for their child's very affordable Risk Free Amazing Fun Filled Birthday Party.

Click Here
"Pirate Pete is so very Different"

SO...RIGHT AWAY while you're still thinking about it, pick up the phone.
CALL NOW for cost, availability and enjoy your best,
unique, stress free, unforgettable Pirate Theme Birthday Party experience ever. 
 0141 886 2905 or 07852726090
Pirate Pete is based in Glasgow, Scotland

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