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Mr Giggles has entertained at many children and family events over the past fourteen years especially at birthday parties where he has gained a well earned reputation for originality, providing fun and exciting parties which the children, and parents, talk about for weeks afterwards.  So its no wonder that when parents want advice on how to hold the best (and least stressful) party for their children, they turn to Mr Giggles for advice.

How much do you charge?

I'm sure you want the best party possible for your child after all, who doesn't want the best fun and memorable party ever?   That's why Mr Giggles offer several unique party packages to fit your specific needs.   For example, different characters including Pirate Pete, Wizzi Wizard, Clown and Magician.   Because each party host has different needs your party entertainment is structured to maximise your fun and take account of any special requests you may have.

Just so I don't recommend a show that isn't right for you (and therefore give a quote that isn't right for you), please have the following information when calling:

             Name of Birthday Child
             Age of child
             Location of Party
             Date and Start Time
             Length of Time of Party
             The Character would you like

I have taken both the worry and risk out of organising children's parties to make your job easy.  Because I perform at many parties each year I know what children like.   You on the other hand know your child much better than I will ever do so between the two of us we are able to develop a unique party experience for your child and his/her friends.

Okay I have seen your show and it is great.  Why don't you charge more like some entertainers whose show is not half as good?

Simple. I believe I have earned a reputation for giving disproportionate value for money, and I know that when you invite me to your party and benefit from what I do best, you will tell others.  Look upon it as a form of advertising. After all they say that "word of mouth" is the best form of advertising.  Either way we both gain, you.....good value for money, me....more bookings.

How far do you travel?

Mr Giggles travel throughout Scotland to meet the demand for his children's entertainment services although most parties are held within the Central Belt of Scotland.   Distances out with a twenty mile radius of my home base incur a small additional charge to offset some of the extra travel costs involved.

So don’t despair if you live further away just be prepared to help with the necessary travel costs. 

Remember I customise my show to fit your needs and fit in with whatever theme you may have in mind.   Yes you’ve guessed it.  I just love to party whether it is a Birthday Party, Wedding, Holy Communion or any other reason you want quality children’s entertainment I want to be there to share in the fun even if I have to travel.

How much space do you need?

Having performed many birthday party programs in almost every situation imaginable, I have learned to BE VERY FLEXIBLE!   From one bedroom flats to a formal stage aboard a cruise ship.   Mr Giggles always adapts to meet your circumstances.

Practical considerations come into play.   For a schools PTA event with say a hundred children you would expect to require a small hall.   For a typical Birthday Party a typical living room setting works just fine but many parents today prefer to hire a hall.  I can help you by recommending a hall near you that would fit in with your needs.

Where can I find party decorations and supplies with a Pirate, Wizard, Circus or Magic theme?

When guests arrive, you want them to know that it's time to party and have fun!   Whenever I see great decorations, I always ask a birthday party mum where she got them.   Much of the time it's  Party Box.   Party Box get lots of rave reviews from birthday party mums and I fully endorse just about anything they produce (piñatas, plates, napkins, cups, decorations, favours, etc.) The quality is good and the price is very reasonable.

Do you do outdoor performances?

Yes indeed - weather permitting.   Did I mention that I am VERY FLEXIBLE?   Speaking from experience, I don't usually recommend outdoor performances.  With children (and adults too), it's important to keep distractions to a minimum.

When outdoors, the sun can shine into guests eyes, it may be overly hot, a cool wind can be pleasant when moving about but can be chilly especially if sitting in the shade.  No one can predict a sudden breeze which blows props off tables or a wasp that takes a fancy to your guests and food.

Distractions like this can really disrupt the flow of the presentation.  Having said that Mr Giggles is very experienced and know how to work with these kinds of distractions which means that they rarely are a problem.

Moreover, 90% of the time these things never even happen because I plan ahead and guide you in what will work and what may not.  It's up to you whether or not you want to take the chance.  Ask me what ideas I have for working the odds in your favour.

What age groups do you perform for?

Mr Giggles speciality is entertaining a family audience.   This means any group of children with adults present as well. Over the last 14 years performing for very different age groups, I have learned how to carefully create different programs and performance styles that are age appropriate to the audience.

What entertains a three year-old would not necessarily entertain an eight year old. So while Mr Giggles regularly entertains children of ages three years through to ten and above at family occasions when all ages are present, each show is slightly different in order to maximise the fun for you and your guests.

My child has seen you a number of times before is that a problem?

My vast range of props and wide experience means that I can perform a number of unique shows so that even if your child has seen me before I can still present a completely different show.  Indeed many of the children that I perform for have seen me before and this is why I have a number of different characters and why I am constantly updating my shows.

How Far in Advance do I have to Book a Party?

Please remember that popular entertainers are in constant demand and therefore to avoid disappointment always book early, especially around festive times such as Christmas and Halloween and at end of school terms. The month of May is also very busy due to First Holy Communion Parties.

Do you require a deposit?

When you schedule your performance I will hold the date for you to allow you time to finalise your venue arrangements and to forward a deposit.   Upon receipt of your deposit I send a confirmation letter showing all the details we have agreed.

In the unlikely event of a misunderstanding this gives us both ample time to rectify matters well in advance of the party day. This is appreciated by parents, schools and also by organisers of club parties who are answerable to a committee.

This agreement is your assurance that I will arrive on the correct date and that I will arrive on time.

Why did you become "Disclosure Scotland" Approved?

While I have performed in many schools, nurseries and children's organisations without needing any personal Disclosure Approval I believed my applying to be vetted is an additional safeguard which parents, teachers and leaders of organisations can look to when choosing their children's entertainer.

Although not necessary I voluntarily applied to undergo a police check on my character and reputation and my certificate confirms that I am endorsed as suitable to work with children of all ages and abilities as well as vulnerable adults. This gives you peace of mind when hiring me to entertain your children and their friends.

How many children should we invite?

Most children's birthday parties have around 10-30 children depending on the age of the child and the size of your venue.   It is tempting to invite a child's entire class to a party plus everyone they know and maybe the whole street but please be careful, not all of the children will like each other and there may be a well known trouble maker who delights in being disruptive.   Do you really want to risk spoiling your child’s birthday celebrations?   It’s best to stick with known friends and family members.

 What is the best age for children's parties?

While a lot of parents hold parties for babies and toddlers, these kinds of parties are more for the family and siblings rather than for the birthday child.   The best age to start holding parties with guests of a similar age is four.   Children have usually started pre-school or play group by this age and have the social skills to interact and be able to enjoy a party.

 How long should a birthday party last?

You will often hear other entertainers say that children have a very short attention span whereas the truth is children really do want to be entertained and have no inhibitions of walking away when bored.    Therefore it is important to realise that a party has to involve all of the emotions that children experience and be visually appealing in order to capture their imagination and attention.

One hour is plenty for four year olds and under who have yet to develop social interactive skills.   For older children, five and above, two hours is the normal length of time with a short comfort break in the middle.  Only do longer under exceptional circumstances.

 What party games should I play?

Try and avoid having 'winners' and 'losers' as some children take competition very seriously.   Pass the Parcel is still a great birthday party game as it does not involve too much running around but arrange for everybody to win a prize and not just the child at the end.

The birthday party games that Mr Giggles plays avoid eliminating anyone so that all of the children are kept involved all of the time.   If eliminated, children will loose interest and can become a little fractious.

Be imaginative and check out Mr Giggles "Pirate" and "Wizard" party games. Also check out "Kids Party Cabin" for good practical general advice. 

 Where should I hold the birthday party?

Having performed everywhere from one bedroom flats to five star hotels, Mr Giggles has many favourite places for parties.   Parents need to consider the ages of the children, the number of guests attending, whether parents will be staying, whether to have a theme party etc all of which will help determine the venue and amount of space required.

A lot of fast food places offer special children's birthday party deals where each child receives a hamburger, a drink and ice cream.   The novelty quickly wears off these parties and the children are soon climbing the walls!    Other venues with very reasonable rates and have facilities for you to do your own catering include church halls, community halls, sports and social clubs.

 However do not overlook your home.   Simply push back the furniture in the lounge room and remove any precious valuables which could be damaged!!.   If you have a big garden then set the children loose and let them play.   At home, the environment is more controlled and while there may be some cleaning up to do, both adults and children seem to have a better time.

If hiring a professional children's entertainer he/she will have lots of experience and should be able to recommend where, in your area, would be ideal for your particular needs.

What if I can't control the children?

One of the biggest fears of parents having a party is that they won't be able to control the children.   Here are Mr Giggles suggestions for maintaining control at children's parties.

·         Few children will misbehave if their mum or dad is present at the party.   Why not invite the parents as well?

·         Don't be afraid to discipline other people's children.   If you feel a guest needs some time by themselves then you should feel that you can ask them to sit out until they calm down.

·         Avoiding overly sweet foods.  Too much sugar and too much fun is not a good combination.

·         Hire a professional children’s entertainer to take all the stress away and sit back and enjoy the party.

 What is good food for parties?

While it is OK to serve some 'junk' foods at a children's party (after all, it is only once a year) avoid too many sweet items or creamy desserts because this can lead to upset tummies. Try and serve a variety of food as a lot of children have fussy eating habits.  Please also remember that the children will be very excited and the food should be simple and only serve a little please to avoid unnecessary waste.

Don't forget the cake!   While it’s great to go overboard with decorations and theme cakes a lot of children hate marzipan and other decorating items.   Selecting a plain sponge cake or chocolate cake should keep everyone happy.   A small piece of cake, wrapped up in a goody bag is a good idea.   I know that Mr Giggles wife always asks “Did you bring me back a piece of birthday cake?”

Great ideas for Making party food fun can be found at Kids Party Cabin

 What about party poppers and other party noise makers?

If there is one piece of advice that will help you have a happy party it is this:- No Noise Makers and No Party Poppers.    Noise makers will give you a headache within minutes and children rarely heed the party popper warning of point away from face.    Children have been injured by an eye full of streamers on more than one occasion so play safe no noise makers please for your own sanity.

 What should i put in a party bag?

It is customary to give each child a birthday party bag to take home.   You can buy small bags from the supermarket for next to nothing and fill it with a few sweets and maybe a small inexpensive toy like a whistle, matchbox car or water pistol.   Don’t forget a piece of birthday cake.   Save these until last so that all of the guests have something to go home with.

Mr Giggles can provide you with a "Magic Fun Sheet" for you to put in each child's party bag and give each child a Mr Giggles colouring in picture.

What else should I ask you?

I understand that busy parents do not organise parties every day and because I organise many hundreds of parties every year I can say with confidence that I know a thing or two about what makes a children's party swing. I also understand children's humour and know what's in and what is out!  Incidentall the in-word at the moment is "awesome" so now you know.

Remember I want what you want - your child's party to be special; not only for the birthday child but all your guests as well.  With today's children attending parties almost every week it is difficult for parents to come up with fresh ideas. This is where I can help.

Feel free to discuss any ideas you may have and don't be afraid to ask my advice.  I might not always agree with your idea but I will explain to you why it is not practical if that situation arises but most times I can accommodate parents ideas.  After all this is what I am famous for.



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