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Your restaurant may be so successful that your customers have to wait before they can be seated.   Once seated, they may once again have a  wait for their meals to be served. The bad news is that you're potentially losing customers and profits because some people see that delay as a pain and just turn around and go elsewhere.

On the other hand, you may have less traffic in your restaurant than you would like.   Maybe your lunch hour is busy, but you would like more guests and profit in the evening.


A good table entertainer works in harmony with your staff to increase your profits by providing entertainment to small groups of people and carries all he requires on his person and who can move smoothly from one group to another providing an unusual and impressive entertainment service.

Not only is close-up magic a highly personalised form of entertainment for patrons an entertainer in a restaurant is a friendly face that your guests see upon returning a second time, a smiling face that welcomes (by name if the performer is smart) the guest and tells them that he is happy that they have returned.  To celebrate their return he will perform a delightful mystery, a unique entertainment that  might include a souvenir...something for them personally.  It is all about hospitality.

"I benefit you by"

Adding value by providing entertainment for groups is a great selling point for you to attract larger parties especially business and works parties at Christmas and other party times.

Easing problems by entertaining and amusing your customers while they are waiting for their tables.   Their wait will seem a lot shorter and if people see they have something to do, they'll wait instead of turning around and going somewhere else.

Making a long wait for food seem shorter when your kitchen staff and waiters are "up to their eyes" means happier guests.

A house magician is a great marketing tool to drive traffic and profits to your door during slower days.

A house entertainer can benefit employees' tip incomes, by enhancing guests overall enjoyment which in turn can increase employee morale, reduce turnover and increase repeat visits profits.
Bottom line:
I help YOU make your business more profitable.

Simply put

I entertain your guests to ensure that their night out is fantastic, talk about your restaurant, tell friends and above all make your restaurant their number one choice to go with friends to increase their enjoyment which in turn increases your profits.

OK you are sold on the idea but why me?

Well for a start you avoid pitfalls by engaging a professional experienced magician and entertainer, who relies upon your total satisfaction to make a living and pay the bills. To put it simply I need to be good to survive.

My wide experience as a strolling close up magician is your guarantee that you can book me for any event or function with the utmost confidence that I will provide entertainment which is memorable for your guests and is in keeping with your establishments ambience and reputation for quality and high standards.

I am happy to say that I have many satisfied clients ranging from corporate events with in excess of 800 guests to a long term resident spot in an intimate Italian restaurant.

Phone now to learn more of how I can help you increase your business profits.
You are only a phone call away from increased profits.
Phone now on.................

0141 886 2905 or Mob: 07852726090

Gordon Dickson is based in Glasgow, Scotland

Still not Convinced ?
Well first and foremost I am an entertainer and business person.

I work with busy restaurants who want entertainment that is different and stress free.

 I help maximise your profits by helping you build client enjoyment and promote a particular buzz about your establishment.

I do this by working with you and your staff to provide a unique blend of entertainment.

Over twelve years experience as a professional entertainer guarantees you a professional approach.

Approved and Certified by "Disclosure Scotland"

I Want More Information?
Phone 0141 886 2905 or 07852726090 today 
Start Increasing your Profits Now and make your venue your guests first choice
  What do you have to lose?

You can't beat live entertainment.

You avoid pitfalls by hiring Gordon Dickson, professional close-up performer and magician.

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