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Scotland's Professional Wedding Entertainer 

“Thank you for helping with our wedding entertainment.   The children were beginning to get a bit fractious and you came at just the right moment.   All the children were delighted with your magic show and gave glowing reports to their parents. I have already been asked for your details.   I will definitely be requiring your services for forthcoming events."
 Mr and Mrs Maguire, Hamilton

Before Hiring an Entertainer for your Wedding
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What today’s brides deserve is solid proof that the service they purchase will add value to their wedding and not find later that it is poor quality and not providing what they expected.


*Voted # 1* Thanks to the many Brides who hired me
"I thank you for your loyalty"

Please read these impartial comments and decide for yourself if you really want the best for your guests

Why should you listen to "Mr Giggles" advice about wedding entertainment for children?
Well, if you are looking for practical sound advice, then by all means, let Mr Giggles share his experience with you. This web site was constructed as a service for future brides and grooms planning wedding entertainment for adults and/or children.

What makes "Mr Giggles" different?
There are many great wedding entertainers out there and Mr Giggles may not be any better or worse than any of them...but he sure is DIFFERENT!   His act, his show, his attitude is all geared to ensuring that your wedding is not only an enormous success but the most fun your guests have ever experienced anywhere anytime!

It is Mr Giggles burning desire to help you create wedding memories where EVERY GUEST FEELS A STAR.   Each fun filled moment provides non stop excitement and memories that will last forever, long, long after your wedding has ended.  You collect all the praise without any of the stress.

Every bride and every wedding is different and no one can be put in a box or categorised. THAT means you need someone to give you of their time, to listen, reflect and discuss those matters important to you.  Mr Giggles offers just that, which means value for money and a show that is just right for you and no-one else.

Mr Giggles goes that extra mile to ensure the success of your wedding as his many references testify.   If your wedding entertainment isn't fantastic and filled with lots of wonderful memories to last a lifetime, then Mr Giggles doesn't want paid!   It's backed up with my simple, no-nonsense money-back guarantee.  How many other entertainers are willing to put their livelihood on the line to ensure you are completely satisfied?

How else is he different?

  There are magicians that can entertain adults and there are magicians who can entertain children but finding someone who feels at home with both is a rare find.  Mr Giggles easily switches from one to the other as the occasion demands to ensure you the best wedding entertainment possible.  

Mr Giggles works for adults and also for children as young as 3 and 4 year-olds.   This is no mean feat as any entertainer will tell you.  Performing his magic at dozens and dozens of weddings has helped him create a child friendly performance character and an act that works wonders for adults and your little ones.

Many children’s entertainers and magicians find it difficult to engage and maintain the attention of young children.   Their attention span is too short they say.   NOT TRUE.   Witness how the very young can sit and watch a cartoon video or play their favourite activity for a long time.

  It is hard work entertaining the very young and it does require appealing to all their senses using music, a variety of effects, lots of colour, high energy and enthusiasm and Mr Giggles achieves this to the delight of children and happy brides and grooms alike.   Again look at my many references.   Many more are available upon request.

  Mr Giggles knows that young children want to be entertained and to have fun.   Every bride has a right to happy wedding day memories.   That's what weddings are all about, right?   Check my references for reviews of Mr Giggles unique performance style.

  Oh and by the way, for that other "difficult" audience (the older children...9-15) Mr Giggles has created the perfect package for this age range.   It makes so much sense, especially with all the recent Harry Potter excitement to opt for either the Magician or Wizard character.

  As you may have guessed, Mr Giggles has no trouble with the "usual age" (ages 5-8).   After all if he can handle the tough stuff, everything else should be a piece of birthday cake, wouldn't you agree?   Bottom line, Mr Giggles understands that for different age groups, you need different performance styles.

A few more distinguishing characteristics about "Mr Giggles":

  I specialise in Wedding Entertainment for children and adults
I am one of the busiest magic entertainers in Central Scotland 
My unique puppet friend steals the show with his hilarious antics
I'll demonstrate the art of levitation by floating a guest and.....
My amazing magic includes a "Disappearing" trick but I don’t do the magic, the children do !

    Now Click Here to view Why Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete is Voted
The Most Highly Recommended Children's Entertainer in Glasgow
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