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One Mums Thoughts

"Elissa will treasure the memories of her sixth birthday party for ever.   You made the party because you were the party.  I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful time.  Your  service and follow up is second to none.   I have raved about you to everyone I know and wouldn't hesitate in recommending you 100% to all our friends.

I thought the show was worth every penny and my daughter and her friends still rave about it.   It's true that you only get what you pay for, or in your case you get much more.  I cannot praise you enough.   You jammed so much into the two hours you were here and you were excellent value for money.

The Wizzi Wizard show is by far the best I have ever seen.  Wizzi Wizard is a born children's entertainer.   He knows exactly how to handle them and has a great rapport with kids and adults alike.  You manage to involve everyone. Now that is magic!!"  Mrs Sinclair, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Scotland

To Make Your Party Perfect
Inviting Wizzi Wizard gives you benefits:

To really set the scene why not invite Wizzi Wizard the Children’s Birthday Party Entertainer Professional. Wizzi Wizard knows children’s humour and he does real magic.  

You don’t get stressed
Wizzi Wizard takes all the strain in his stride
You enjoy the party more knowing that your guests are enjoying themselves
Wizzi Wizard knows children’s humour and what’s in and what’s out!
His colourful costume sets the tone of the party.
Children know that they are in for an extraordinary treat as he makes every single child feel special no matter how many children there are at the party.
At school all your child’s friends will be talking about the great time they had.
Your child will thank you and….. 
You get all the praise from children and parents alike and most importantly of all you get the opportunity to......


Click here to read why
 Gordon Dickson is known as the
 "Birthday Party Professional"

Also Click Here to view Why Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete is
The Most Highly Recommended Children's Entertainer in Glasgow

for your without obligation quote for your unforgettable birthday party experience of a lifetime.


Wizzi Wizard is based in Glasgow, Scotland

Not Everyone Can Enjoy a Wizzi Wizard Show

Having Wizzi Wizard at your next birthday not only gives you a great party and takes all the pressure of you letting you sit back and enjoy your child's party but Wizzi Wizard cannot attend every party perhaps because he is already booked or you live out with my catchment area.

To help you host your child's fantastic birthday party the following ideas are easy to adapt and are especially geared towards children ages 5-10. All the children will enjoy performing magic and spells and making wizard wands!

Two things little wizards of all ages like most is lots of magic and lots of fun so read on intrepid wizards and witches, and partake in a magical journey into the unknown (not too scary) that appeals to children of all ages both girls and boys.

Some parents think that Wizard Parties are too scary for children but this is not the case.   Every young child can relate to Mickey Mouse in the Wizard’s Apprentice and older children love Harry Potter.

The content of your wizard party will be dictated by you and the family entertainment should be appropriate to the ages of the children attending.

Setting the Scene

First impressions are important and set the mood for the party. Transform your home or party venue into Hogwarts School and bring the magic alive straight into your living room with a Harry Potter wizard party.

 Easily transform your home or venue into the school's famous Great Hall using a roll of stone wall print available from any home decorating outlet to decorate the walls. Cut to size and attach to the walls with thumb tacks for easy removal afterwards.

 Hang helium filled balloons (one for each child to take home after the party) from the ceiling or add stars to the ceiling to create the illusion of stars.

 Create activity stations using poster board to make signs for example for, "The Great Hall", "Diagon Alley", and "Professor Snape's Potions class".

For even more fun invite guests to come dressed as wizards and/or witches. Make your own invitations, see below, easily on your computer and do use antique white or beige card stock paper to add to the atmosphere even before the party starts.

Also consider useing red sealing wax, available from Arts and Crafts Shops, to create that mysterious look. The wax can either be put at the bottom of the invitation with or without a piece of gold or purple ribbon.

Alternatively roll the invitation into a scroll, seal with wax or tie ribbon.

Get the whole family involved with ideas which will help build the excitement up each day as the party gets nearer and don't forget to take lots of photographs to look back on the happy event.

Decorate your table with Harry Potter theme stationery.  Make wizard place mats for each of the four Hogwart houses - Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin  so that your wizard guests can sit in their right house. For inexpensive quality supplies consider Their range is comprehensive and colourful or simply use your computer.



"To Apprentice Wizard name of …………………….

You have been honoured to have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry on the occasion of celebrating the birthday of (NAME) First Year Wizard Apprentice.

 Guests are invited to wear their best ceremonial wizard robes for this Special Celebration and to participate in wizardry magic and spells within the Great Hall.

 The Festivities will be held in the Great Hall located in the South Wing at (ADDRESS)

Magic and Wizardy will commence promptly at
(TIME) on (DAY).
RSVP to …………………………………………………………”

Don't forget to use a great font to make your document look older and more mysterious.

 Creating the Magic

Having sent out the invitations, transformed your room into Hogwarts Great Hall you now need
to keep the magic flowing.

Welcome each guest to Hogwarts School as they arrive using a deep solemn voice. If parents are dressed up as well the children will react very favourably and join in the festivities with enthusiasm.

Don't forget the music.  Spooky music is also very atmospheric but please be aware that some of the younger children may find this a little scary so don't overdo it. Remember the whole point of your party is to have fun so please ensure that everything is age appropriate. The older children will especially love spooky music.

To emphasise the Harry Potter theme use face paint to draw a lightning bolt scar on each child's forehead but if you have done your build up properly you will find that some of the children are “already scarred”.

Most guests will bring their own magic wand but consider handing each guest a home-made magic wand made from small dead branches of a tree. Twigs that are twisted, bent, and lumpy with knots look really cool.

Alternatively these can be made as part of an activity (see below). After all a real wizard goes through lots of wands, just ask Wizzi Wizard!

Continue feeding each child’s imagination and lead them into their own magical world as they practise wizardy spells turning each other into slimy toads, lizards, worms or even worse!!!

PARENTS NOTE: When you invite Wizzi Wizard he will transform all the children back to the little angels which they undoubtedly were when they first entered the Great Hall.

Speaking of Wizzi Wizard.  To add that special touch of realism hire a professional children’s entertainer to relieve you of all the stress and who better than Wizzi Wizard the professional children’s entertainer with over twelve years magic experience and personal student of Professor Dumbledor himself no less !!

PHONE NOW for your unforgettable birthday party experience.

0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

The Ceremony of the Sorting Hat

Fashion your own Sorting Hat from an old felt hat suitably decorated with stars, moon crescents and the like.   If the hat is old and a little tattered this is highly acceptable as the real Sorting Hat has been around for thousands of years - just like Wizard Wizzi!

To maintain atmosphere play a pre-record a deep voice repeating the various Hogwart houses - Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin - one by one in a solemn almost ritualistic manner.
This accompanied with one of the many Halloween CD's available creates a spooky atmosphere where you will hear all the older children, say seven and upwards, say "cooool".  Definitely not for the younger set.
Again make everything age appropriate and you won't go wrong.

Place the sorting hat upon each guest’s head.   After each guest has worn the hat for a short while and the Sorting Hat "spoken" announce the name of the house to which the guest is assigned.

Ham it up a bit and make little remarks like “ Yes this child looks like Hufflepuff material” or “Slytherin
yes a sneaky friend for that boy Draco” confirming that the Sorting Hat has chosen wisely.


First Year Student Witches & Wizards Costumes

If you wish, instead of inviting guests to arrive in wizard costume, which we would certainly recommend as your guests will love the idea, consider making a simple cape for each using pre cut black cotton fabric.

As each guest arrives, bestow them with a cape and after they have successfully passed through the Ritual of the Sorting Hat ceremoniously present them with a felt or paper cut out representing their house crest.

Allow the children to colour and attach the crest to their cape with a safety pin, glue, velcro or sticky tape.

Alternatively, simply draw large letters ("H" for Hufflepuff, "S" for Slytherin, "R" for Ravenclaw,
and "G" for Gryffindor) on each crest once the sorting ceremony has divided them into houses.
This is best for younger children as it avoids pins etc

Award each child an “invisibility pass” (name tag) with the name of their chosen house.
Sticky backed address labels are easy to use

Rather than you writing each child’s name on tags you can turn this into an activity by inviting each child to add their name to the tags using colouring pens.   If you are not using sticky backed address labels consider punching a hole in the name tag and thread with suitable yarn to wear around their necks like a necklace.

Another method for busy mums is to consider the range of inexpensive quality supplies available from Their range is comprehensive and colourful.

 Activities to Do

Continuing with the Harry Potter Theme lead the children into Diagon Alley where every child knows apprentice wizards and student witches obtain all their magical supplies such as wands, hats and brooms.

 Diagon Alley
Set up:  You’ll need twigs, construction paper, coloured markers, glitter, feathers, sequins, ribbon, glue, tape, scissors, and anything else your student wizards might need to make their magical necessities absolutely perfect.

Wand Making

Instead of simply handing the new wizard students a wand upon arrival you can turn the event into an bewitching activity. To make wands, again use short, dry sticks gathered from the garden.  Alternatively the children can make their wands from rolled up paper, glue and/or sellotape.  If you cannot get sticks from the garden "dowel rods" cut to size are a good substitute.

Let the children individualise their wands by embellishing with glitter, sequins, ribbon, etc.  No black and white here !!!

Wizard Hat Making
Every wise sorcerer needs a hat and your guests will have a great time making their own.  For hats, provide large sheets of brown wrapping paper or wall lining paper.

Roll them into a cone shape, and secure with tape or glue and let the children adorn them with materials of their choice.

Broom Making
To make brooms, simply tie a bunch of twigs, or straw, to a pole with string. Rough, course string like Hagrid would keep in his pockets is best. Who knows they may even help sweep the floor after the party!!!

Glasses Making
Everyone knows that Harry wears black round glasses which were broken by his horrid cousin.  Using black pipe cleaners the children can make round spectacles to wear and if they wish a piece of sticking plaster for that added authenticity.

Suitably resplendent in their new outfits the first year student wizards are now ready to enter magic classes.

Professor Snape's Potions Class
Set Up:  
Before your guests arrive, decorate a shelf with lots of old looking clear glass bottles and jars filled with odd, strange or creepy looking things. Strangely coloured jars also look good.

Label jars with the names of potion ingredients. For ideas, consider the list of potion items, and their actual Muggle names below:

Lizards Slime – green cold jelly
Beetle Eyes - poppy seeds
Cockroaches – chocolate covered rice crispies
Unicorn Dust – baking soda
Eye of Blind Cat - cocktail onions
Bat Liver - chopped mushrooms preferably canned
Wriggly Bloodworms - cooked spaghetti in reddish-pink water
Mandrake Root - whole ginseng root the more twisted the better
Hollow Stump Water - water coloured yellow with some sand at the bottom
Dragon Droppings – malteser sweets only to be eaten by Professor Snape cause he’s really sneaky
Dragon Snot - Green sherbet and lemonade.   It's thirsty work making smells....I mean spells !!
Sleeping Potion - water coloured deep purple with food colouring
Stinking Pond Water - vinegar

Since this pursuit involves mixing ingredients, which may (will) spill this is best done outdoors weather permitting.

Activity:   You play the part of Professor Snape.   Again trust in your acting skills and ham it up a lot.

The children will love that you are joining in their make believe. Lead the guests in the intricacies and etiquette of potent brewing, and then let the children invent their own. 

Provide small plastic jars so that each wizard can label his concoction to take home in his goody bag.

Ingredients include, baking soda for fizz, vinegar for smell, assorted bottles of food colouring and other items from the kitchen.

Be creative and let your imagination run wild. Give each ingredient a bewitching name and transfer them into different and exiting packaging to hide their true origins.  Let the children add their ingredients and mix their own colours with food colouring and vinegar.  As far as the kids go the more vile it is the better it is!

For fun, leave some labels blank on a few jars of ingredients and have a contest to see who can come up with the best names for them.  


Ghostly Whispers
Sit everyone in a circle.   Hand a child a card with a long message written on it.

They must not let anyone see the message but have to whisper the phrase to the next person in line.   They, in turn, whisper what they heard to the next person.

One by one, each person repeats the whispered sentence as they hear it when it is whispered to them.

When the last person receives the message, he/she repeats it out loud and when it is compared with the original message written down it is usually vastly different than the original statement.

Have a number of cards with different messages written and play again with a different person. 

Harry Potter Look-alike Competition
When the children are resplendent in their wizard cloaks have a competition to see which boy looks the most like Harry Potter and which girl looks the most like Hermione Granger.   This would be a good incentive for the children to experiment with their wands and cloaks.

Pass The Parcel Harry Potter Style
Hagrid would love for Harry and his chums to pass round a large rubber spider, dragon or bat.   When the music stops, whoever is left holding the bat or spider has to do a forfeit such as stand on one leg or whistle a tune then they get a small prize and they stay in the game remember it is not a good idea to eliminate any child.

Feasting in the Great Hall
Set up chairs in 2 rows back to back. Put out one less chair than there are wizards.

Start playing music, and have the kids walk around the chairs (not touching the chairs!) until the music stops.   at which time the children must each sit on a chair.   The wizard without a chair is "out".

Then remove another chair. If there is ever a tie, the child with more bottom on the chair wins.   The winner is the last child left in.   Instead of going for an individual winner in each game consider seeing which "house" wins which has the advantage of letting those children who are "out" remain interested and excited to see if their house will win.

The game can be played with cushions which is better for younger children who may fall off the chairs.

Hooting Hedwig
Children love blind folded games and this one is no exception.   Harry has lost Hedwig in the Enchanting Wood and as it is getting dark needs to find him.

Set up: You’ll need a soft drinks bottle with a narrow mouth and a blindfold for Harry.

Begin by selecting the birthday child, and gently blindfold him or her.   Seat everyone in a circle around the birthday child and gently spin them a few times; everyone else passes the bottle around the circle without speaking.

When the birthday child says “stop” the player holding the bottle must blow across its mouth to hoot just like Hedwig.   If he is correctly named the children change place and continue playing.

Hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone
This hunt for the mystical Philosopher’s Stone which alluded the alchemists of old who yearned to discover the secret of turning base metal is loved by all children at parties.

Set up: Wrap a few “stones” (sweets - Edinburgh Rock looks and tastes good) available from confectioners in squares of shiny foil paper tied with thin gold or silver ribbon. Make several small packages of “stones”, so there is enough for every child to find a few.

Hide the stones throughout the house or garden. Make some easy to find to assist the younger children and some harder to find for older children.

With one pack of stones, you might want to hide a large “stone” to represent the Philosophers Stone. This could be a small piece of crystal, piece of amber or other “gem” stone found in new age shops or even an interesting pebble found at the beach etc.) to represent the Sorcerer's Stone.

The child who finds the Philosopher’s Stone wins a special prize!

Moaning Myrtle

A variation of the well known children’s game Blind Mans Bluff where the players try to outwit the birthday child using their best moans, groans, whimpers and sobs!

Rules and object of the game are similar to Blind Man’s Bluff". The Birthday child is blindfolded and the rest of the children are spread out around the room. Once they have chosen their spot they must not move from that spot.

All players then begin moaning and crying while the blindfolded birthday child roams the room in search of “Moaning Myrtle.” When the birthday child finds someone, he or she tries to guess who it is by feeling with their hands. If correct, the two change places and the game continues.

Wizard’s Revenge
Many games can be changed to give a Spooky twist to your child’s favourite.  Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, try Pin the Wart on the Witch’s Nose to create a new, better scary experience.

Also the rules can be modified to suit varying age ranges. For example toddlers can stand directly in front of the witch, be blindfolded and still find it a challenge to properly place the wart on her nose.

For pre school children move them a few feet away from the wall and having them try and take a few steps forward is disorienting enough to make it fun.

Turn older kids around three times to make it really difficult for them.

One fun variation to involve all the children is to have them help the blindfolded child by imitating Moaning Mirtle by saying “OOOOOOHH” when the “Wart” is off target and “AAAAAAAAAHH” when it gets closer to the right place. This will increase all the children’s fun even when it is not their turn. Another fun way to keep children under control is to split them into teams such as boys versus girls and listen to them become excited as they cheer on their team

Embalming Egyptian Mummies
Split the party goers into teams of two or three and give each team a toilet roll.

Two persons then wrap the third in the toilet roll so that they look like an Egyptian Mummy. The game is tricky because the faster they try to wrap, the more the tissue will tear, causing them to keep restarting!

The winning team is the one who in a set time (say 2 minutes) has the neatest and most covered Mummy.

Balloon Quidditch
You need a balloon (a quaffle) (and spares in case they burst) and two soft balls.   Two Hoops at either end of the playing area for goals.  Two soft balls for bludgers.

Arrange the children into four teams of six people. Only two teams play at any time. Those playing face each other sitting on their broomsticks.

The object of the game is to get a balloon or quaffle through a hoop to score a point. Players can only use their hands to hit the quaffle.

The two teams who are not playing stand each side of the play area and throw two soft foam rubber balls (bludgers) at the playing teams.Players who have been hit by a bludger have to stay out of play for one minute.

Each team competes for the golden snitch.


Keep the magic alive by describing party snacks as wizard concoctions.   For example jelly or cold custard could be Lizards Slime, crispy cakes could be Cockroach Clusters, raisons and currents are Dead Flies, malteser sweets could be Dragon Droppings.   Horrible to adults but simply out of this world for children.

Witches Fingers
Cocktail sausages with almond slices for nails are ideal for hungry wizards.

Witches Warts
Core cherry tomatoes and fill with cream cheese.   Don’t you just love to squeeze warts!!

Bat Wings
Place chicken wings in Bar-B-Que sauce and bake in an oven for around 45 minutes and delight in the crunchy noise they make when eaten.

Coffin sandwiches
Shape sandwiches into coffins with a sharp knife or biscuit shapers and watch your little wizards bury the coffins in no time.

Serpent Eyeballs
Cut hard boiled eggs in half-length wise and remove the yolk.   Fill with cream cheese and place an olive or grape as a pupil.   Finish off with red streaks for bloodshot eyes using red food colouring.

Call your Drinks Wizards Brew or Magic Potion
Black current juice looks good and your guests will be spellbound when they see a floating hand and lots of bugs.   Make the hand by filling a latex glove with water or juice.   Seal with a rubber band and freeze.

Place dead flies (current) and plastic bugs and spiders into ice cube trays and fill with water.

You can demonstrate your magic by transforming their beverage into an enchanted drink that bubbles and froths by adding ice cream. Top off with a swirl of whipped cream and you have a magic potion that will go down a treat.

For a real treat what about:-

Dragons Snot
Mix green sherbet with lemonade. Serve in a witches cauldron for added effect.

Lizards Slime and Unicorn Sweat
Adults call this jelly and ice cream but real wizards know what it really is!

Enjoy the above tips and remember to share and enjoy that magic
moment with your child.  That's what Birthday Parties are all about

so while you are thinking about it

You avoid pitfalls and increase the fun by engaging
"Wizard Wizzi"
The professional children's entertainer
Approved and Certified by "Disclosure Scotland"
Phone now for your unforgettable birthday party experience.

0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

You can't beat live wizard entertainment.

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